Correct Templates Are More Important Than Ever

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That’s why your designs and templates need to be mobile friendly so that customers can make quick modifications and checkout.

Here are 7 tips for optimizing your design templates for mobile:

1. Be specific about how you label your text fields so users aren’t questioning what they’re updating. If you’re allowing them to change the date, call it ‘Date’ versus just leaving it as ‘Text.’

2. Avoid overlapping elements so users can easily get to other layers.

3. Since mobile screens are very small, reduce the size of your images so that they fit within the design view.

4. Sometimes it’s difficult for users to ascertain whether part of a design is just text generated by our font selector or whether it’s an actual image of text. It’s best if you use the font selector so it is apparent that the text field can be updated.

5. Limit the amount of template objects you allow. Just make the fields that are necessary into template fields and leave the rest as static.

6. But at the same time, make certain you have a field or two that the customer can customize.

7. This kind of goes hand-in-hand with number 3. Be conscious of the transparent spaces in your design. If the transparency is on top of another design element, it will be really difficult for the user to figure out how to get to that underlying area.

Take some time to update your templates and we think you’ll see it pay off with sales.

If you missed our Zazzle Chat back in August, Monica and Sean discussed why we’ve improved our mobile experience and how it can help grow your business. Check out that Zazzle Chat here.

Happy Designing!

The Zazzle Team

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