5 Tips for Promoting Your Products

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Today, we have a special guest post which comes to you from WeddingPaperLove, a Zazzle Designer and Associate since 2008. From designing to building websites to growing followers on social media, WeddingPaperLove has plenty of tips and experience to share about promoting your products and building your brand. Without further ado, here are her tips:

Tip 1

If you can, start a blog. Starting a blog is not just about posting your products, but about creating good and useful content. It’s important to find the right balance of content and product links to keep your blog interesting. For example, you can create a Beautiful Spring Wedding Inspiration post on your wedding blog, and link to your wedding invitations. Or you can create a Company Holiday Party Ideas post on your personal website, and link to your holiday party invitations. Another example would be to write about fun Thanksgiving recipe ideas, and post a link to your recipe binder. The key is to interweave the products into the posts as seamlessly as possible.

Don’t forget to use beautiful images to catch the visitor’s attention. It’s important to note that watermarks on Zazzle product images start at over 700 pixels, so if you want to post a high quality image without a watermark, use image size 700 pixels or a bit smaller.

I would also recommend updating your website/blog with current deals, as search will pick up words like “deals,” “sales,” “coupons,” “code,” and also “ends”.

Tip 2

Optimize your blog. Get your own domain name and use WordPress or another site to set up your blog. After you set up your blog, optimize it for SEO using plugins like Yoast. Without SEO optimization, it will be difficult to find your website/blog via search engines. Use websites like Ping-O-Matic to let search engines know you’ve created a post. 

Tip 3

Get on social media. Instagram is where it’s at, but Instagram does not have clickable links. I recommend that you add “link at @(your Instagram username)” in your post descriptions, and make sure to include your website/blog URL in your account description.

Image of WeddingPaperLove Instagram account

Don’t forget to use hashtags! Use websites like Hashtagify to help you select the most optimal hashtags for your posts.

Use social media sharing apps like Buffer, which let you share one post (with images) on lots of social media sites at once.

Share current Zazzle deals with your store link and product images on Twitter. Deals tend to get lots of retweets, which means more exposure for you!

Image of MGDesigns Twitter Account

Pinterest is great too! One perk of Pinterest is that when you start pinning, Pinterest will send you notifications that they found similar pins as yours; this means that they send other Pinterest users notifications about your pins which helps you get more exposure. Don’t forget to pin your tweets and pin your Facebook posts!

Screenshot of MGDezigns Pinterest account

Tip 4

Run contests to grow and engage your followers. I have held lots of Twitter contest, like “retweet to win this with tags.” Usually, I make the contest last for 3 days, use hashtags, and link to my Zazzle shop. Use a special hashtag for your contest like #winwpl17, so you can track the entries. The giveaway can offer small gifts like stickers, keychains, etc. Budget totes worked best for me, and one time I gave away a $25 Zazzle gift certificate and gave the winner the link to my Zazzle shop.

Screenshot of a Tweet from MGDesigns for her contest

You can hold similar contests on Instagram and Facebook. Don’t forget to ask the winners to take a picture of their product (preferably in-situ) once they get it, and send or post the product picture. Real pictures help bring in clients, and you can add your Zazzle store name, link, blog link, etc. to the product so it’s a good way to advertise as well.

Image of business card
Image of tote with MGDezigns URL

Image of business card

Tip 5

Don’t forget to add your RF code. When promoting your or other people’s products, remember to add your Associate ID (RF code) so you can earn referrals on referred sales.

Have tips of your own? Share them in the comments below!

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  1. You can still have a free account on https://www.scoop.it/ which is one more place to have your links, plus it has options for sharing on other social media. You can build up a list of followers, run topics which include your Zazzle shop products, your blog posts and anything else you’re working on. You can have a widget, with a running feed from your topic, in your blog sidebar.

  2. This is a great article! I’m keeping it bookmarked, and sharing it on my business Facebook page and personal Facebook page.

  3. Great article! I have a blog (with not much traffic) – I will integrate some of these recommended features and see what happens!

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