Featured Designer & Associate: Sandra Miller

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Meet Sandra Miller — an amazing artist who owns the Zazzle store Electra Cute and website  Sandra Miller Studio. She lives in Portland with her husband, and creates designs inspired by her dogs, gardening, and travel.

Sandra Miller

Tell us a little about you!

I am blessed to call my home the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon, just a short drive away from the mountains, the sea, and all the beauty this area has to offer. My passion for dogs, gardening and travel, inspire my muses at every turn.

Sandra Miller with her Finnish Lapphund dogs, Onni and Ihana

I am a legally blind artist and photographer, seeing only out of a straw sized tunnel in my right eye . My husband Steven and I have 3 awesome grandsons, we bred and exhibited Chow dogs for many years, and today share our home and gardens with our Finnish Lapphund dogs, Onni and Ihana.

Picture of Sandra's garden

What is your background in? 

As a “self-taught” designer, I was blessed to be raised in a family of artists who support and encourage my creativity and unique hobbies. As my vision has faded over the years, I have made a lot of adjustments to the way I approach my art, which used to be on a canvas and easel.

Sandra's garden with a view of her studio

Sandra's studio


These days I find the world of Photoshop and a graphics tablet to be far more freeing for my muses. I first capture my subjects in a photo, then hours of painting, digital layering and final touches are added, to showcase my subjects in my signature style of rich saturated hues ……depicted in realistic to whimsical scenes. Canine portraits entitled heARTdogs, and fanciful creatures called BINDI are my favorites to create.

How did you get started with Zazzle? How did you hear about us?

I just realized this is my 10th year with Zazzle and the time has just flown by. Initially, I was looking for a POD site to create some dog show trophies for our club. After attempting a couple of other sites I discovered Zazzle through a friend referral. The Zazzle interface and experience on both the designer and customer end is outstanding. It has been a great education to grow with the company and experience the changes and improvements along the way.

How do you promote Zazzle products and what tools do you use? How do you choose what products to promote? Which areas do you find the most success in?

Years ago I used my blog for most of my promotions, however have found my Facebook pages give me the most personal connection to my customers and friends. My favorite part of using Facebook is the interaction. When a customer posts a selfie with their dog, modeling one of my Zazzle designs….that just makes my day. What artist wouldn’t want to see their “vision” make people happy?

Screenshot of Sandra Miller Studio Facebook page

Screenshot of Sandra Miller Studio Facebook page post

What new Associate Program features would you like to see on Zazzle?

There is one thing I have found I needed over and over when designing on Zazzle and that is the ability to horizontally flip a design for a mirror image on things like a set of pillow cases, socks, etc. I can do this in Photoshop, but it would be so convenient to do from the product design page. I love all the new changes and additions for designers recently. The “Collections” feature…that was brilliant.

What advice would you give to a new Associate starting to promote Zazzle products?

My best advice to new Associates would be to keep a consistent presence on social media, whether it be Facebook or any of the many other social outlets. Post relevant product groupings often and use the “Collections” feature to showcase them. There is a lot of valuable real estate on the Collections pages, on both the banner and description to spark your customer’s imaginations for gifts and clever ways to think outside the box. For example, in my store a floor mat doubles as a dog crate mat. A metal lunch box morphs into a crayon box.

Picture of Sandra's dog Ihana with a backpack that says "This is How I Roll"

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8 thoughts on “Featured Designer & Associate: Sandra Miller”

  1. Sandra Miller — Miss Electra-cute, herself — has been one of my favorite artists and designers for many years. It has been great to be able to see her expand her creativity and audience through Zazzle. It has also made it super easy for me to take advantage of her products and ideas.

  2. Hi Sandra,

    I really enjoyed reading your story of your art. I love your whimsical and colorful designs. Amazing that you have accomplished all this being legally blind. You are an amazing and inspirational artist. I love your dogs too.

  3. Hello
    I absolutely love your cards. Is it possible to add “Lucas” on Santas bag of toys Christmas Card. Thank you very much

    1. Hi Ginger,

      Thank you and hope all is well.

      You can customize the card to say “Lucas” by clicking “customize” button on the product page. The “customize” button is the blue button on the right of the product page, below the “add to cart” button.

      Hope this helps.
      Elizabeth P.

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