Black Friday & Cyber Monday Savings

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What do you actually save on Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

Thanks to technology, brick and mortar, in-store shopping on Black Friday has moved to the world wide web to join Cyber Monday. While there are still a lot of great deals that happen in-stores, there are just as many, if not more, deals that happen on your very own computer and phone! We all know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are days of shopping and saving. I’ve found that you can save more than just money when you shop on these days!

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The one time I participated in Black Friday in-stores was my first and last time. It was a learning experience to say the least. I’ve learned that I only have enough patience to participate in online shopping. By refusing to enter a store on this Friday in November, this is what I find myself saving.

1. Time

Time is very precious to me. Time to spend with my family. Time to spend on myself. Time to spend enjoying my days here on Earth. Time is limited. Black Friday in-stores used to be only 1 day, 24 hours. Now stores are opening for Black Friday on Thanksgiving Day. I’m not coordinated enough to eat my delicious Thanksgiving dinner and shop at the same time. I would much rather spend my precious time with my loved ones instead of waiting in lines, dodging people in stores, and driving around from place to place. I found the best of both worlds by spending time with my brother and online shopping for Christmas gifts together!

2. Gas

Being the biggest shopping day of the year, I tend to forget that this means more people on the road and more people fighting for a parking spot. The year I participated in Black Friday, majority of my time was spent looking for a place to park my car. After driving around and wasting a half tank of gas, my frustrated self decided to go back home and call an Uber to drive me there instead. Getting dropped off is the best way to save gas, avoid parking, and stay sane. However, I was less inclined to buy that 65” flat screen TV I really wanted. It seemed odd to carry it home with me in a stranger’s car. Avoid driving and save yourself from embarrassment by ordering that TV online and having it show up on your doorstep.

Black shipping car

3. Health

The holiday season is the worst time to get sick, yet the most common. With the mixture of little sleep, cold mornings, and being surrounded by too many humans in confined spaces, I find myself having a higher chance of getting sick. My mom has always taught me that not getting enough sleep lowers my immune system. Standing outside in the cold lowers my immune system. Just like many others, my immune system is always at its weakest during the winter. Since Black Friday involves a lot of human interaction, you’re typically exposed to more people and more germs. I like to think I have a lesser chance of getting sick when I’m adding those Black Friday deals into my online shopping cart!

4. Energy

After Thanksgiving dinner, I am a huge advocate for sleeping off my food coma. My body is in full recovery mode. The last thing I’m thinking about is walking through aisles and reaching for a 65” flat screen TV off the shelf. Although it’s important to work off the calories, it’s just as important to get a good night’s rest. I always build my energy back up with a nice, deep slumber. If you are really dedicated to get those Black Friday deals, use your remaining energy to online shop till you literally drop. All in the comfort of your own bed!

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Save more than just money this Black Friday and Cyber Monday by doing your holiday shopping on the wonderful world wide web. Spend time with loved ones, avoid driving near stores, keep your immune system strong, and build up that energy to survive this holiday season. Start online shopping today with Black Friday and Cyber Monday at Zazzle!

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4 thoughts on “Black Friday & Cyber Monday Savings”

  1. What I love about Black Friday savings at Zazzle is the way so many of your “shop” owners can use faceless business fronts with absolutely no contact details to hide behind while they can illegally sell massive amounts of fake, reproduction artworks at a 20% discount. It is about time Zazzle asked for copyright agreements or licences to reproduce artwork before a so called vendor can offer it to the unsuspecting public. Zazzle is due a class action suit.

  2. Dear Philip,

    We would like to let you know that we do have a copyright policy which you can review in our Designer License Agreement. If at any time you would like to contact a Designer directly regarding their designs, you can do so via the ‘Contact Store Owner’ button on a Designer’s store page, if the Designer has the link enabled. If you believe that a design is subject to copyright, then you can use the ‘Report this Product’ link on the product page to submit the product for review by our content management team.

    We hope this information helps with your concerns.

    Best regards,
    Elizabeth P.

  3. Hi Elizabeth, thank you for your reply. Yes the BokeeSHOP decided to not go with the “contact store owner” link. Strangely since I asked him on his comments page about selling my artwork his store has disappeared. It would be much easier for your store owners to just state under each artwork “licensed by ……….” and if they can’t provide that simple detail then they cannot sell the art work.

    Have a nice day dude!

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