Holiday Gifts For Everyone On Your List

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If you’re participating in a Secret Santa tradition, White Elephant party, or gift exchange with friends and family, there is definitely a perfect holiday gift for every person in your life!

To start, I like to make a list of who I plan on sharing the holidays with. This list can range from my big brother to my dermatologist or the cute dog that lives down the street. Luckily, I was able to find a fun and unique gift for everyone on my list!

  1. Gifts for Him

I very rarely know how to shop for the men in my life, especially my older brother. Whenever I have to shop for him, I tend to lean towards something more humorous that would best describe our brother-sister relationship. We have a mutual understanding to give each other gag gifts and then treat each other to a sibling bonding night.

I have to use this mug because my sister gave it to me for Christmas - funny mug

  1. Gifts for Her

The stork never brought me a sister; however, I’m lucky to have a best friend who has become the sister I’ve always wanted. Unlike my brother, she is much easier to shop for when it comes to holiday gifts. Anything from a cute accessory to a handmade gift is historically shown to put a smile on her face. To keep the funny mug theme alive, it’s only fair I treat my non-biological sister to a similar gift as my blood brother!

You'll always be my best friend - you know too much! Best friend Mug

  1. Gifts for Pets

I’ve been a dog owner to the cutest maltese pup for the past 13 years. Finding a gift for a pet has been pretty stress free for me. My dog is 100% satisfied with a tasty bone to chew and a funny sweater to wear. Although I don’t believe she’s capable of reading, I like to think she laughs at her annual Christmas sweater as much as I do!

Ugly christmas sweater for pets - funny dog sweater

Whether you’re shopping for him, her or the pooch, you can never go wrong with a funny customized gift!

  1. Gifts for Any Age

There’s one thing my grandparents might love more than their grandchildren and that’s playing card games. My love for Gin Rummy definitely came from all the game nights we would have at their summer lake house. Customizing their own deck of playing cards would definitely make me the favorite grandchild. Adding love and a personal touch to a gift for the grandparents will put a huge smile on their faces.

World's Best Grandparents custom playing cards

In addition to the amazing gifts for grandparents, there are so many unique, customizable gifts for teenagers, kids, and even babies too!

  1. Gifts for Any Type of Person

Beyond my family and furry friends, I like to plan a gift exchange with my friends from school. Since my college roommate decided to pursue a career in nursing, I’d love to buy her a nurse-themed gift that only she would understand. I’m sure she would find it “humerus”! Being able to customize my own gifts gives me the opportunity to match my friends’ career and passions to a t-shirt or phone case.

I call all the shots - funny nurse iphone case

Finding stores with holiday gift guides make shopping so much easier! A list of products for every type of person inspires me to make unique gifts for all the men, women, pets, and professional friends in my life.! Move over Santa! This year I’ll be handing out the best personalized gifts out there!

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