How To Personalize Your Holiday Gifts

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There’s more to gift giving than just buying someone a little trinket and wrapping it up. Adding a personal touch to a present makes your gift more special, unique, and meaningful.

Giving a personalized gift is easy and perfect for any age group. If you have a long shopping list this holiday season, here are some easy ways to customize each gift for everyone on your list!

Personalization goes beyond putting their name on on a product. This is how I get the ‘Best Friend of the Year’ award with giving the ‘Gift of the Year.’

1. Memories

A memory with a best friend is meant to last a lifetime. I met my best friend in high school. Now that we’re well into our adult stage, we like to look back on our high school pictures and all the memories we’ve made. We recently took a trip to Arches National Park where we hiked until we physically couldn’t walk anymore. An experience I wouldn’t want to share with anyone else! Gifting this beautiful memory in a form of artwork would be a great idea for wall art in her room!

16x20 Canvas Wall Art - Custom Art

2. Inside jokes

I’m convinced my best friend and I have our own secret language. The amount of inside jokes we’ve acquired over the years leave us laughing for hours. Turning an inside joke into a gift only your best friend would understand is the best. Explaining the joke to the outside world never holds the same value as it does between the two of us. Designing a t-shirt with our favorite inside joke would make her laugh and everyone else stare at it bewildered.

Traffic Light Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Custom Gift

3. Matching

According to the ‘Best Friends Forever Rule Book,’ every pair of best friends have to own at least one matching item. It’s a rule! Whether that’s matching keychains, necklaces, or even hats, I’m a terrible friend if I don’t have one to match! We would love to make a trip to Australia one day to play with the kangaroos. Customizing best friend keychains with an adorable kangaroo on it is an easy gift and a great daily reminder of our dream to make it to the land down under!

Australia Kangaroo Custom Keychain - Circle

4. Unique to them

I like to think I have a sixth sense. And that sense is knowing what goes on in my best friend’s head. There are some times when I know her more than she knows herself! This gives me an advantage when it comes to customizing her gift. I can design it with her favorite movie quotes or lyrics to the songs she plays on repeat. The options I have for putting a smile on her face with a completely unique gift are endless.

Custom Photo Pillow

Whether you’re shopping for your BFF, your Mom, the neighbor, or even your dog, customize each gift to have that special, personal touch.

Happy Holidays to all the best friend duos out there!

Go get that Best Friend of the Year award with the best personalized gift of the year!

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