October Referral Contest Winners

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We’d like to thank everyone who participated in the October Referral Contest where the goal was to earn as many referrals as possible in the month of October. We know you worked hard on promoting products on your websites, blogs, and social media sites and we really appreciate your efforts. Today, we’d like to highlight the winners of the referral contest.

Tier 1: 250+ referrals

Ben is the first tier winner which he reached with over 250+ referrals. Ben has been a Zazzle Associate for over nine years and is owner of the company Infinite Publishing. He promotes Zazzle on several websites, including WeddingStamps.us, where he promotes postage, and Swatched, where he promotes various products which you can sort by color. Learn more about Ben’s background here.

Tier 2: 150-249 referrals

Pam is the winner of the second tier with earning between 150-249 referrals in October. Pam is a long-time Zazzle Designer and Associate and is the owner of many Zazzle stores including PMCustomWeddings. She promotes her own and other Designers’ products on her various affiliate websites including USCustomPostage.

 Tier 3: 100 – 149 referrals

Kim is the winner of the third tier with driving 100-149 referrals. Kim is a Zazzle Designer and Associate who has been with Zazzle since 2009. Kim is the owner of the Zazzle store CascadeDesignHouse and promotes her products on her website RusticCountryWeddingInvitations. Check out Kim’s Featured Associate interview from 2015 here.

Tier 4: 50 – 99 referrals

Legend Graphic Arts is the fourth tier winner garnering 50-99 referrals. Legend Graphic Arts owns several stores on Zazzle including The_Baby_Boutique.  They work hard to include their own and other people’s products in their marketing campaigns on Pinterest and their personal website PartyInvitationCentral.

Tier 5: 1-49 referrals 

Rita is the fifth tier winner earning between 1-49 referrals. Rita is the owner of the Zazzle store DriveIndustries where she designs tropical and surf-style products. Rita has three affiliate websites with Hawaiian-Ties.com being her most popular site which has even been featured on TV!

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