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Meet Audrey Chenal – the owner of the Girly Trend store on Zazzle and the website Audrey Chanel. Coming from a corporate background, Audrey found her creative self after she had the opportunity to travel and settle down in the south of Spain. Audrey’s designs feature lots of on vibrancy, color and style.

Tell us a little about you! 

I’m originally from a quaint little village beside the beautiful French Alps. I spent (too) many years living, learning and working in the bustling city of London, England and was also fortunate enough to have traveled and lived in many other countries like New Zealand, Australia, Italy and more. I finally decided to settle down and lay my eggs in the sunny south of Spain and I have not regretted it since. I’m passionately addicted to designing, drawing, sunbathing and fresh roasted coffee. Oh and I am a proud member of the leftie club (meaning I’m left handed and super proud of it!). I love staying active, taking long strolls on the beach and looking after my two boys (my boyfriend and 6 year old boxer dog to be precise, love them to bits!).


What is your background in? 

I used to work in a super serious corporate environment where all that mattered was numbers and how to crunch them. My road to becoming an artist/ designer was not an easy one, it took a lot of time, patience and dedication (and coffee!). I always had it in me but I had never imagined I would unleash the beast I had inside of me! It was all worth it in the end and I am so happy I made the jump. There is no better feeling in this world then waking up every day and doing what you love.



How did you get started with Zazzle? How did you hear about us?

My boyfriend was the one that introduced me to Zazzle, he had been a Zazzler for a while and encouraged me to give it a try. I’m so glad he did as I was hooked as soon as I posted my first product for sale. It may not have been the prettiest design out there but it was mine and it was awesome! Fast forward to today and I am happy to consider myself a full time designer on Zazzle.

How do you promote Zazzle products (own website, social media, ect.) and what tools do you use (linking, API, RSS feed, etc.)? How do you choose what products to promote? Which areas do you find the most success in?

I spend the first few hours of every day promoting on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. I always link my products manually as I prefer to pick and choose the exact design that I want to promote for a specific niche or holiday. Although it may seem time consuming in the beginning there are many tools (and apps) available that will help you along the way.

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What new Associate Program features would you like to see on Zazzle?

I love all the features that the Associate Program already offer but I think life would be complete if there was more data for each referral made. For example, if we could see how many times the link was clicked, how many times that same link has led to a sale and where the sale came from (in general).

What advice would you give to a new Associate starting to promote Zazzle products?

Do it! I would say that the most important thing is to know your market/niche. It is also important to know who is buying what and when. Although this may sound difficult with a bit of trial and error you will find them eventually. Always make sure you keep track of your referral sales. I find that choosing the right product to promote at the right time is way more efficient than mass linking various random products at any given time. Try promoting a few products to a specific niche and see how it goes from there. Find your target market first and then promote, promote, promote.

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