December Referral Contest Winners

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During this past holiday season we encouraged all of our Designers and Associates to market their products, as well as other people’s products, on social media sites, personal blogs, and websites. The hustle of promoting your brand can be overwhelming, so to inspire our Designers and Associates, we ran three holiday contests. Today, we’ll spotlight the winners of the December Referral Contest. (We will be starting with the second tier winner, as the first tier winner preferred to stay anonymous.)

Tier 2: 150-249 referral

The second tier winners are Amy and Arthur earning 140-249 referrals. Amy and Arthur own a website called Birdorable where they have over 600 designs of different species of birds from around the world including parrots, songbirds, owls, eagles and more! They not only promote their designs on their website, but also their Facebook and Twitter pages.  Amy and Arthur are constantly adding new designs to their Birdorable Zazzle store which they also feature on their Birdorable website.


Tier 3: 100 – 149 referrals

Judy is the third tier winner of the December Referral Contest driving 100-149 referrals. Judy’s two greatest loves are painting art and her Black Labradors, and from that love, Black Dog Art was born. You can find her work in her Black Dog Art Judy Zazzle store; her products make a great gift for all animal lovers. Judy promotes her products on her Facebook, Instagram and other social media pages.

Tier 4: 50 – 99 referrals

The fourth tier winner is Kathy who owns the Zazzle store katz d zynes and website katz d zynes. Kathy doesn’t consider herself an artist, but as a self-taught graphic design junkie with a ‘fake it ’til I make it’ attitude, she feels very privileged to be a part of Zazzle’s creative community. Browsing her store and website, you’ll find a large variety of designs with strangely diverse themes inspired by her interests. Along with promoting her art on her blog and her new Twitter page, she selectively promotes other designers’ products on Pinterest.



Tier 5: 1-49 referrals 

The fifth tier winner is NauticalBoutique driving 1-49 referrals. They own the website Nautical Boutique which features products from their Nautical Boutique Zazzle store. The designs offer a unique way to show love for your city, or any other coastal city, by getting a custom product with an authentic nautical navigation chart.
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