Introducing Mehmz – It’s No Joke!

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What is mehmz

April Fools! The Fool’s part is the pivot, though…we’re not abandoning our Marketplace, silly 😉 mehmz is a real app, it’s real fun, and it’s really relevant to our “Make Anything” vision – after all, “Anything” includes digital stuff, too…

The concept of what can be digitally made is infinite.

Okay, but what’s the app all about?  Simply put, mehmz is a new way to make memes, which are all the rage these days. But once we built a meme creator, we realized it had no value if users couldn’t easily share those memes with friends. It only made sense to wrap a chat app around it, so that you can directly communicate with friends using your own custom memes…and what’s more fun and memeingful than that? (See what we did there? haha!)

As we continue to grow at Zazzle, we want to empower our users to make more, and more often! While none of us buys custom products all of the time (although it’d be cool if you did!), certainly we all chat and connect with family and friends daily, constantly. Our hope with mehmz is that you can do that now in a more playful, creative fashion. While this is just an initial step into the digital realm, it’s a giant leap toward expanding our universe so that you – our cherished community – will have more an even broader audience for your creations:

How powerful would it be if everyone could be creative every day? What would the world look like? What would they make? Taking all of this a step further (hint hint), what if people could collaborate with each other on a design or product? How cool would that be?!

These are the types of product extensions we hope to weave into the Zazzle experience through our work on mehmz. What’s behind that door could be kind of weird, fun and awesome.

Be creative, start making memes!

Download mehmz today:

Download Mehmz on the App Store today!Download Mehmz on the Google Play Store today!


P.S. Messages on mehmz are 100% secure, encrypted, and will never be shared or viewed outside of the app. Your privacy and trust are paramount to us and you can have full confidence that your communications will forever be private.

Mehmz App - mehmz is a new way to make memes, make anything imaginable

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