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To Our Designer Community,

One of our core values at Zazzle is to “Lead with Heart.”  Business is personal and leading with heart means truly caring for our community and supporting causes that can make the world a better place.  One such Maker on Zazzle, Ubuntu Made, has an especially beautiful and powerful cause – empowering women in Kenya who have been marginalized and ostracized from their communities after birthing children with special needs.  By providing them with economic opportunity through making custom products, these women are beginning to thrive and provide their kids with life-changing care and education.

These are entrepreneurial women who directly benefit from every pair of shoes sold, because they’re the ones making them!

Every step of our supply chain represents a positive economic benefit to each person who helps make the Afridrille.

Over the last several years, we have worked closely with these women on a number of projects, and we’re now thrilled to announce the launch of a customizable African Espadrille, affectionately named The Afridrille, each of which is handmade to order by these brave and incredibly talented women.

Ubuntu Made - The Afridrille Shoe

The first phase of this launch is a Kickstarter campaign; we would be so grateful for your support by backing this effort at any level and sharing this link with those who have similarly big hearts:

Who also wants to become an Afridrille shoe designer?!  Beginning today, April 26, participants can go to the Kickstarter page and hashtag #LiveUbuntu, and #ZazzleMade from the Kickstarter’s social media icons for Facebook and Twitter.  You can also Instagram an image from the campaign page while tagging @ubuntumade and @zazzle to be entered into the contest.

One lucky poster will be selected at random to win the opportunity to create their own design pattern for the shoe (as well as receive a free pair of Afridrilles with their design). This design will become available on the Zazzle website later this year, and the winning Designer will, of course, receive royalties for their pattern! Due to limited printing capacity in Kenya, this design will be one of only ~15 and therefore garner a lot of exposure. Please see the full list of rules here

choose from almost unlimited design print options

Thank you for being a cherished part of the Zazzle community, and for helping us promote this wonderful cause!


Asante Sana - Thank You Very Much Swahili

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