‘Play with Shapes’ Zazzle Design Tool Contest

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If you follow our Zazzle Chats, you know that I recently sat down with Kat, our Director of Product, to discuss some of the design tool updates. (If you didn’t watch it, catch that latest episode here). As designers, you’re the ones who are most involved with the tool; we want you to not only understand the updates but get familiar with them as well. In order to inspire you to get acclimated to the recently updated shapes tool, we’re hosting a fun design contest. (We recently did this same contest internally at Zazzle and had some great results.)

WHO: This is for all designers, anyone who wants to show off their design skills or just get more familiar with the Zazzle design tool.

WHAT:  Winner will receive $300 Zazzle credit, and a potential chance to be featured in marketing assets.

WHEN: June 5, 2018, 3 PM PT → June 19, 2018, 3 PM PT (2 full weeks)

WHERE: Design and publish as normal, then submit up to three products here.

WHY: Because it’ll be fun and it’ll give you a chance to use the new functionality.


  1. Design something using ONLY the shapes and text option within the Zazzle design tool.
  2. Publish your design (on any product) in your store.
  3. Submit your design (up to three) on this form.


**Please read through the full legal to make sure you catch all the fine print.

A COUPLE TIPS:  You can get tips on how to use the shapes tool in this video or from the Help Center in this article.


Zazzle Design Tool Shortcuts

Some Inspiration:

With the exception of the ‘Z’ or ‘Zazzle’ logo, each of the following images was created using ONLY the design tool. Take a look and get inspired!  

Be Brave Lion Poster
Be Brave Lion Poster
Tapestry - Geometric Design - Blue
Tapestry – Geometric Design – Blue
Mandala Pillow
Mandala Pillow
Zazzle Spirit Skate Board
Zazzle Spirit Skate Board
Flower Power Leggings
Flower Power Leggings

We can’t wait to see your designs!

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2 thoughts on “‘Play with Shapes’ Zazzle Design Tool Contest”

  1. Love the shapes tool! However, when it first came out it allowed for degrees of transparency. Do you know when that will be reincorporated? Also, the same thing with text. Thanks!

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