Instagram Part 1: Best Practices for Being Featured

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Instagram is the world’s top photo-sharing app with over one billion monthly active users as of June 2018! It is a great tool to spread the word about your brand and get to know your customers. As Zazzle grows its own Instagram account, we want our community to see what our amazing Designers are creating. Today, we’ll go over a few new things Zazzle is doing on Instagram and what you can do to get regrammed (shared on our @Zazzle Instagram account) and gain more visibility.

1. What is Zazzle doing now that it wasn’t before?

We have been working to visually align our Instagram feed and stories to our onsite and email experiences. Whether it’s a behind-the-scenes video, a DIY or a product feature, or a fun national holiday, we’ve been working on creating engaging content for our audience. We’ve also been planning more contests and giveaways to keep our audience excited and coming back for more!

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@Zazzle’s Instagram feed


2. How do you coordinate all of the posts?

We coordinate our posts by color scheme first and foremost. If you look at the 12 most recent posts, you should have an idea of what types of colors we are featuring. Beyond that, we are thinking of seasonality, promotions, holidays, trends and diversity of product assortment. We take a mix of our content and UGC content to build out our feed.

Whatever whimspical unicrn mug designer by @blushpaperco for


3. How can Zazzle find my posts on Instagram to regram?

The easiest way for us to find your Instagram posts to regram is to tag #ZazzleMade in the caption. We also check our tagged posts and #Zazzle, but having #ZazzleMade is the best way to surface your content.

#ZazzleMade Instagram search


4. What can Designers/ do improve their chances of being regrammed?

  • Original content. We want to give you credit for your original posts.
  • Use high-quality images. Check out this post for tips on how to take beautiful photos.
  • A clean background. If you are shooting at home use a simple background and nice lighting. Tip – put a piece of foam core near a window.
  • Show customization! We love featuring designs with monograms, name templates, or photos.
  • Mix up products! We have lots of products on Zazzle, and we love to see your designs on a variety of different products!


Rainbow poster



5. How can Designers benefit from tagging Zazzle or using the hashtag #ZazzleMade?

We want our Instagram community to see more of our Zazzle designers’ original content, and hashtagging #ZazzleMade is the easiest way to be featured on our account. We want to share your designs so that they gain the visibility and attention they deserve.


Tropical party invitations


We hope these tips were helpful, and can’t wait to see your #ZazzleMade Instagrams. Stay tuned for part 2 where we will share best practices for Instagram business accounts.


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  1. Thanks for this helpful tip, I’ve thought about marketing my shop with Instagram before, but didn’t know how to tell the zazzle team about this, thanks to this post I now know, just use #ZazzleMade

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