Instagram Part 3: How to Create a Consistent Instagram Feed

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Instagram is a highly visual medium that rewards great content. It can be challenging to create a visual narrative that is on brand and unique to you as a Designer. Let’s go over some tips on how to create a consistent Instagram feed. If Instagram isn’t a part of your brand strategy yet, check out our past two blog posts to learn some best practices for your Instagram account and brush up on some tips for being featured.

1. Pick a Color Scheme.

Sticking to a color scheme helps to ground your Instagram feed by color. Restricting the number of colors in your overall palate will make it easier to achieve a cohesive look. Start with 1-3 main colors that match your personal brand and add in accent colors seasonally. Remember that the colors in your designs, backgrounds and props all contribute to the overall color scheme of your feed.


Color Story for Instagram
Zazzle Color Story for Instagram Example


2. Shoot in Natural Light.

Taking pictures in natural light will ensure that the lighting is soft and as close to what the actual product looks like as possible. Shadowy or overly filtered shots will distort the colors and mislead your customers. If you are shooting at home, shoot in a room and/or space where the natural light is prominent, usually near a window. Avoid shooting from 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM when the sun is directly overhead. Use a piece of white or light colored foam core to create a clean backdrop for your products.

Photo Backdrop

Remember that adding in a natural element to your product photography can enhance the shot and make it feel more approachable. If you are shooting with people, plan to shoot 2-3 hours before sunset, when the lighting looks best.

Photo Hand Element

3. Pick a (subtle) Filter.

If you do choose to use a filter to enhance your photos (in a natural way), then pick one and stick to it! Sticking to one set filter will make your feed look cohesive and more natural than constantly switching it up. Please remember that using filters in an extreme way can distort your image and make it difficult for customers to understand what the product colors will look like in real life. The general best practice is to keep things as close to their natural appearance as possible.

Subtle Filter

4. Arrange Your Grid.

A grid is the first 12 photos in your Instagram feed. You can plan out your grid ahead of time by using an app or by creating drafts in your Instagram account. To create a cohesive theme for your grid, keep your cropped images the same size and your pattern for posting the same. If your photos are a mix of flat lays, lifestyle shots and inspiration images, make sure to spread out the different types of images so similar types aren’t too close together. This can help make your feed appear organized and attractive to your followers.

Arrange Your Grid
@Zazzle Instagram

Play around with using blocks of color or quotes to break up your product and lifestyle photography. Larger blocks of color will naturally draw the eye to the adjacent photos. Last but not least, once you have a theme, stick to it, and after a handful of posts, you should start to see a more cohesive grid.

Arrange With Color Blocks
@Zazzle Instagram


Thanks for reading, we can’t wait to see you put these tips into action! Make sure to tag your posts #ZazzleMade so that we can find your great content and re-gram you. If you are interested in diving a bit deeper, please comment below and let us know what else you would want to learn about Instagram.

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  1. Thank you, Zazzle, for featuring some of my shop photos in this post! I really feel like you give designers the best chance to be seen, and give us such great resources on how to gain exposure. I sure have benefited from your advice. Cheers!

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