‘Enter Our HolidayZ Design Challenge to Win Big!’

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Calling all Creative Minds!

We’re excited to announce the 2018 Holiday Design Contest.

With the launch of the paper breakout and the new department tree earlier this year, we want to focus on making sure we have great designs on all our 47 new paper products!

This is for all designers! No restriction on location.

1st Prize: $2,000 USD
2nd Prize:$1,500 USD
3rd Prize: $1,000 USD
Editor’s Picks (5): $500 USD Zazzle Gift Card

In addition to the cash prize, we have historically provided winning designs with more marketing exposure on the site.

The Contest will run from 5:00 PM Pacific Time on 09/18/2018 until 11:59 PM Pacific Time on 10/23/2018 (“Contest Period”). Finalists will be announced on or about 10/29/18.


Create a new* holiday collection with one of the 47 paper products that we currently have on the site. Your collection must include at least five (5) items and feature at least one of the 47 paper products. It is your choice as to which products you want to feature in your collection, but please note the overall creativity and thoughtfulness of the products in the collection will be judged. Design and publish as normal, submit your design here.

*’New’ means a design that has been posted to the Zazzle Marketplace after 8/1/2018.

Collection and products submitted must be published on the Zazzle.com ‘.com’ domain.

The judges will evaluate each entry based upon the following criteria:

a) thematic relevance (does the collection have a unifying theme?);
b) quality of the image (clarity and composition);
c) creativity;
d) thoughtfulness ( complementary products);
d) ease of customization;
e) and originality.

A couple of tips from the judging committee:

  • Be original! Don’t try to copy anyone else, be authentic to your own design aesthetic.
  • Don’t forget to design the back of cards. Small details can really go a long way!
  • Add variety that complements each other: Your collection doesn’t have to be the same design over and over. Feel free to mix it up by adding complementary patterns, colors, or images.
  • Less can be more; negative space is not a bad thing.
  • Design as if you’re designing a collection for your own party; often we remember things we might not otherwise! Napkins, cookies, etc!
  • Make certain you add templates, which are important, and especially photo templates. Are your images going to catch the customers’ eyes?
  • Offer customization opportunities! This is Zazzle after all! 🙂


Want to get an idea of designs that the committee liked last year? Check our last year’s winners here.

Please read through the full legal to make sure you catch all the fine print.

We wish you all luck and can’t wait to see your designs!

Z Team

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26 thoughts on “‘Enter Our HolidayZ Design Challenge to Win Big!’”

  1. Awesome!
    “HolidayZ18” must be included only in Collection keywords, not product keywords? Just to be clear!
    Thank you!

      1. Yes that was really unclear in the contest rules. It sounded like just the collection this time as opposed to last year

      2. Hi Monica! I just submitted my entry on Oct 22, but the rules weren’t clear and I only added the “holidayz18” tag to my collection keyword– not to all of the products!

        Because I just saw this comment today, I did just add the keyword to all of the products today (10/27) after the deadline of 10/23. Will my products still even be considered? I’m super bummed and afraid my products didn’t show up in your search.

        1. Hi! Confirming your collection “Holiday Overlay Collection” was included in the judging! 🙂 Don’t worry if it doesn’t show up in search just yet, as long as you submitted it via the form, it made the cut.

  2. Just to b clear again, sorry… but since u said that the product in the collection hs to have Holiday18 in keywords… r u suggesting in the 5 indv. entries or every product in the collection even if there are way more than the five…
    2. To be clear again, we are not to show same card product in any other site, right?
    and does that mean even after the contest ends and perhaps we won in a place?
    3. If we do not win, then there is not a problem with us submitting same images in another site… thank you for your help in advance.

    1. 1. It will be easier for our marketing team to search holidayz18 and find the products that have been tagged so we can more easily promote it. That being said, make sure your collection and your base paper product both have the tag, the rest is up to you.

      2. Correct, the same designs should not be shown on other Print on Demand (POD) sites during the contest period. (Reason is we don’t want to be promoting the same designs as another site…you can see how that might be awkward on all parts 🙂 )

      3. Correct, not a problem if you don’t win.

  3. Thank you for your prompt reply. I understand the details now and will go forward with great anticipation. 😉

  4. Hi Monica,

    I’ve already submitted my design but I realized that I made mistake. Is it possible to delete and resubmit it?


  5. I’m new to Zazzle and would love to participate in this challenge. I have a question about the photos on holiday cards. Does Zazzle provide stock photos to use on our designs?

  6. Hi Monica ,
    Will we get a confirmation email that our design was submitted ? I submitted mine a bit ago , but want to make sure you have it and it was submitted correctly .

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