New Phone Case, Who Dis?

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It’s that time of the year again… no, not Christmas; it’s Apple’s new product announcement time! To get a new phone, or not to get a phone, that is the question.

True story: When people get new phones, they also get new cases!

Google Trends Search Term Graph: New iPhone vs iPhone Case

iphone cases vs new iphone google trends

Seriously, look at how those curves really hug each other. When I dip, you dip, we dip, am I right?

iPhone users are different than Android users. Check out this infographic made by Coffee Meets Bagel, a dating app, comparing iPhone users with Android users. Interesting, huh? Did I mention I love data? 

coffee meets bagel - iphone vs android users

With three new iPhone models announced, these iPhone customers are going to be looking for new cases VERY SOON. So what kind of case designs are these customers looking for; what kind of cases should I be designing?

Lucky for you! I’ve scoured the internet and analyzed top search trends so you don’t have to. The below data is taken from top organic SEO and paid SEM, and even though the tone of this article is somewhat whimsical, the data itself is very real.


  • Photo: With Instagram rising in popularity, it’s no wonder people like seeing their own photos on things. Think of how can you allow customers to incorporate their photos best with your design? An easy inspiration point can be looking at our invitations designs!
  • Monogram: Simple typography with elegant backgrounds are very popular. Flowers, patterns, and beautiful prints are easy to incorporate.
  • Best Friends or Matching Couple Designs: This is 2018’s take on the ‘Best Friends Forever’ necklace — People want matching/complimentary phone cases!
  • Cool: What’s ‘cool’ vs what’s not is different from person to person, but it’s still nice to know we never grow out of high school.
  • Patterns: We’re not talking about your grandma’s paisley; think modern minimalist, rustic, Scandinavian! The sky’s the limit.
  • Color Themes: Simple to bold, orange is the new black, don’t hide my rainbow — it’s time to take a new approach to color.
  • Animals: Puppies, kittens, bunnies, oh my! Do I really need to say more? 
  • Sports: iPhone XS or is it ‘Tennis’? (Get it?) It’s all about being creative with your iPhone case canvas. Basketball, baseball, football, soccer, cycling, all the hobby sports… but don’t forget non-traditional sports like fishing, longboarding, etc. 
    iphone xs 10s pun tennis
  • Minimalist/Simple: Don’t be scared of white/negative space. Less can be more.
  • Space/Galaxy/Star/Moon: Neil deGrasse Tyson x 1000! To the moon and back.
  • Flowers/Floral/Botanical: There’s a reason flowers are such a central part of weddings. Who doesn’t like flowers? New flower designs are modern, clean, bright, and pastels.
  • Funny/Fun: Funny people like to showcase their personality on their sleeve… eh, I mean case. What’s funnier than a knock, knock joke? Hopefully, you can think of something.
  • Food/Drink: Donuts, pizza, french fries, candy. So much yum.
  • Mythological Creatures: Mermaids and unicorns are trending…and really, who’s to say they aren’t real?
  • Urban/Streetwear: Counterculture hits phone cases.
  • Nature: Yes! Some people even like escaping from the city. Embrace the trees.
  • Emoji/Smiley Face: 😀❤😈🐻⭐😎
  • Art/Artsy/Artistic: Will your case be the next Warhol?
  • Sayings/Quotes: Think of your case as an offline Twitter.
  • Travel/Place: Not all who wander are lost!



  • Bling/Jewels/Glitter: Since we digitally print the cases, it’s hard to really showcase bling and jewelry cases. That being said, don’t be discouraged by designs with diamonds, or jewel-shaped designs, just don’t try to print glitter.
  • Stolen Designs: This goes without question. No one likes a thief.



  • Words sell! Remember, we’re looking for new content with great titles, tags, and descriptions. The best designs won’t be found or sold if they are not described in a way that people use to search for them. Brush up on your skills by reading both the keywords and tagging article.


This list is long, but it’s not everything. Do a quick internet search for yourself to see what’s trending! What trends do you gravitate towards? What trends do iPhone customers gravitate towards?

We’re confident you guys will design original, creative and unique designs that customers will be clamoring for!

Z Team

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