Instagram Spotlight: Late Bloom Paperie

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Instagram is a great way to grow your brand and get visibility for your designs. Today, we’d like to highlight a Designer who is doing a fantastic job managing and growing her Instagram account.

Please meet Jessica, the owner of the Zazzle store Late Bloom Paperie. Not only will we learn a little bit about Jessica and what inspires her, but we’ll also gather some insights and tips on her Instagram strategy.

Late Bloom Paperie image pink watercolor background

Tell us about yourself!

I was born and raised in the Springfield, Missouri area and still call it home to this day. My design adventure started in 2008 while I was a photographer for a local studio. I started designing logos and marketing materials for small businesses in my spare time and enjoyed every minute of it. I found my way back to design after working in retail and finance for several years. I decided to try designing full-time after discovering Zazzle and have never looked back.

image of Late Bloom Paperie logo

When I am not designing, I enjoy watching the St. Louis Cardinals play, spending time with loved ones, playing with my pets, attending concerts, and watching horror films.

headshot of Jessica, the owner of Late Bloom Paperie

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from several sources such as websites like Pinterest, Pantone, and various design blogs. I also find that traveling and exploring nature are great sources of inspiration for me.

What tips can you offer other Designers on managing and growing their Instagram account?

Consistency is key! Whether it be the amount of posts you make in a week, the timing of your posts, or the aesthetic of your page: consistency is the key to success on Instagram. Planning your posts ahead of time or even using a scheduling tool can help you post consistently.

Focus more on the quality of your content, not the quantity. You can often find free or inexpensive mockups, stock photos, and templates that will help give your Instagram a professional look.

Image of invitations from Late Bloom Paperie

Do your research. Research is essential to growing your Instagram page. There are so many great resources that can be found on Pinterest and other sites to help you with hashtags, optimal post times, post ideas, etc.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the Late Bloom Paperie Instagram account and really see how consistency is key!

Consistent branding.

At first glance, we can see in the screenshots above that the branding is consistent for Late Bloom Paperie’s Instagram account (left image) as her Zazzle store (right image). Jessica uses the Late Bloom Paperie logo as her Instagram profile image and her store name as the Instagram account name.

In addition to having the consistent branding across social profiles and stores, Jessica’s description provides a clear understanding of what type of posts you will see from this account. She also has a link to her website within her description, which makes it easy for potential customers to get to her shop. Take at look at this blog post to learn more about using your Instagram account for your Zazzle store.

Consistent look.

Late Bloom Paperie Instagram account screenshot

When looking at the Late Bloom Paperie Instagram account, one thing that stands out is the color scheme. We can see that the number of colors is limited in her posts, therefore providing a cohesive look that not only includes products, but also seasonal content and lifestyle shots.

Below is another screenshot from the Late Bloom Paperie Instagram feed. Again, you can see the thoughtful color coordination, as well as a really good mix of products. Check out this blog post for pointers on creating a consistent feed.

Late Bloom Paperie Instagram account screenshot

Consistent hashtags.

Late Bloom Paperie Instagram post screenshot

Hashtags make your post searchable on Instagram, so it’s important to use relevant hashtags and use them consistently. We can see that Late Bloom Paperie uses #ZazzleMade, #Zazzle, and tags Zazzle within the post. These are all great ways for us to find the post and consider it for a regram.

Besides Zazzle finding your post, you should also add in hashtags that you think potential customers will search for, as Bloom Paperie does in the example above.

Pro tip: if you start typing a hashtag (e.g. #invitations) into the Instagram search bar, it will surface suggested hashtags and the amount of posts correlated with that each one. Going through this exercise is a good way to find relevant and popular hashtags to use in your posts.

We hope you enjoyed this Instagram Spotlight and we look forward to seeing you put these tips into action! Make sure to tag your posts #ZazzleMade so that we can find your great content and re-gram you!

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