Pinterest Part 1: Setting Up Pinterest Like a Pro

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It’s time to put the pedal to the metal with promoting your products, growing your followers, and getting people excited about your Zazzle store! One of the best, free ways to get the word out about your fabulous designs is through everyone’s favorite inspirational platform—Pinterest. Today, we’ll highlight a few tips for setting up a Pinterest account for your Zazzle store.

Tip 1: Stay consistent.

When setting up a Pinterest account for your Zazzle store, remember to stay on brand by making sure that your username, profile image (your logo or a headshot work best), and bio are the same (or very similar) for both accounts. This will make it easy for customers to recognize who you are.

In the example below, we can see that Redwood & Vine uses their logo for both their Zazzle store profile image and Pinterest profile image. They use their company name ‘Redwood & Vine’ for both of their account names.

In the ‘About you’ section, Redwood & Vine uses similar language across both accounts, telling their audience about their offerings and their interests.

Redwood & Wine Zazzle account screenshot

Redwood & Wine Pinterest account screenshot

Pro tip: Using relevant keywords in the ‘About you’ section can help your visibility on Pinterest, so keep that in mind when typing up your 160 character bio for Pinterest.

Tip 2: Link to your store or website.

Pinterest gives you the opportunity to add a URL to your profile where you can add a link to your Zazzle store or any other website.

Adding a link to your Zazzle store makes it easy for followers to visit your store directly from your Pinterest profile page. However, if you link to a personal website (with its own domain), Pinterest offers you the opportunity to advantage of additional analytics by claiming your website. So if you do have your own website where you promote your brand, it’s better to link to that site so you can get access to more analytics.

In the example below, we can see that Kathleen’s Art Creations Pinterest account links to her personal site The little globe and checkmark pointed out by the red arrow, tells us that Kathleen has verified her website’s authenticity with Pinterest. You can do this by following the steps Pinterest provides to claim your site.

Kathleen's Art Creations Pinterest account screenshot

Tip 3: Create boards and add pins.

Create Pinterest boards to show off your collections, newest designs, and what inspires you. You can start with creating 10-20 Pinterest boards and adding at least 10 pins in each board.

In the example below, we can see that Origami Prints has several boards ranging from occasions (2018 Holiday) to food (Keto) to specific product type boards (Bridal Shower Invitations).

Origami Prints Pinterest account screenshot with boards

Remember to create boards that are right for your brand and your interests. As you fill up your boards with pins, you’ll notice that the background template image for your account will start to populate with your pins which will make your account look more complete.

Origami Prints Pinterest account screenshot of background

Don’t forget to review Pinterest’s best practices to ensure that you are following all of the rules and guidelines. Check out our forums to find Pinterest group boards to join. Last but not least, remember to use the hashtag #Zazzle in the description of your pins so we can find them easily.

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5 thoughts on “Pinterest Part 1: Setting Up Pinterest Like a Pro”

  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    Thank you so much for using my Pinterest page as an example as well. After reading your article, I changed my profile picture of me and the dog to my business logo with my letter “K”. I have yet to make it fit to see the entire K even after reading what the dimensions should be on Pinterest. I definitely learned something from this article. Thank you for all the fantastic insight.

    1. Hi Kathleen,

      We were happy to feature you! You’re doing a fabulous job with your Pinterest account—keep up the great work!

      As for your profile image, it looks like the issue is that the ‘K’ is too close to the boarder of your image. In order for the ‘K’ to fit into the circle, you would need to create an image where the background is bigger than the ‘K.’ In other words, make sure the ‘K’ has a nice boarder all around it, so when Pinterest crops the image to fit the circle, it won’t cut off the ‘K.’

      Hope this helps!

      Elizabeth P.

      1. Hi Elizabeth.

        My earlier comments did not post. Darn. Anyway. I did exactly what you said to do. It took so many attempts to make it work and I did it on Zazzle. Finally, I am happy with my profile logo. I appreciate your tips about what to do.

        Kind regards,


  2. Thanks for the information. I notice when one pins from Zazzle that an icon with a sales tag and Zazzle appear. With that icon do associates need to disclose that their pin is an affiliate link? Thank you.

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