Essential Office Supplies for Every New Start-Up Business

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You’ve come up with the next big innovative idea. You’re nervous and overwhelmed but also determined and excited to put the idea into action. Some might argue that the best business weapon you can have is an entrepreneurial mindset. While I agree with this, there are plenty of great business supplies to help make innovating a tad bit easier for you!

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Write It Down!

Before you start decorating the office and promoting your business, take the first step to organize all your thoughts and plans!

  • Journal – Writing down your ideas in a journal helps stimulate the entrepreneurial mindset
  • Notebook – Great for taking meeting notes or outlining your next action steps
  • Pens – Nice to have for signing contracts or the more important documents you might come across
  • Pencils – For the developing ideas that are constantly changing, it might be better to use a less permanent writing utensil
  • Erasers – Mistakes are bound to happen whether it’s spelling errors or the need for a completely new business plan


Prepare Your Workspace!

Whether your business needs a multi-room office space or just a desk in your bedroom, working on making your dream a reality deserves a comfortable space you can spend your days and nights in.

  • Chair – Investing in a good, comfortable chair is shown to help with productivity
  • Calendar/Planner – Schedule all your meetings and important events in a calendar or planner
  • A Mug – Before you start a day of work, treat yourself to your favorite drink in a custom mug
  • Speakers or Headphones – Find a playlist that will keep you focused throughout the day and blast it in your headphones or a speaker for everyone to listen
  • Laptop Sleeves – Protect your laptop when you’re traveling from meeting to meeting in a laptop sleeve
  • Inspirational Posters – Stay motivated by decorating your workspace with inspirational quotes and sayings


Get The Word Out!

You organized your thoughts, you have a comfortable work area to apply these thoughts, now you need to get the word out about your innovative idea.

  • Banners – Scream it from the rooftops or let a custom banner do all the talking for you
  • Business Cards – Networking is super important when it comes to creating a brand for your business
  • Flyers – Sometimes word of mouth and old school marketing is the best way to promote
  • HP Laptop Skin – Free advertisement– If you find yourself working in a coffee shop or a super populated area, it’s easy and could be a great conversation starter to have your brand displayed on your laptop
  • USB Flash Drive – Backup all your business files, image assets, important documents to a flash drive in case your computer crashes or the cloud fails you


Write down your ideas, set up a comfortable workspace and start promoting your business using this list of essential office supplies! We wish you the best of luck on your business endeavors! Be sure to let us know in the comments what your must-have office products are!

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