Announcing the 2018 HolidayZ Winners

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2018 HolidayZ Winners

We tripled the number of designs we received from 2017 and we couldn’t be happier! We thought last year’s contest was difficult to judge, but we had no idea it would be so hard to narrow it down. Because we had such trouble deciding, we’ve chosen 7 Editor’s Picks instead of 5.

To recap, the judges evaluated the entries based upon the following criteria:

  • a) thematic relevance (does the collection have a unifying theme?);
  • b) quality of the image (clarity and composition);
  • c) creativity;
  • d) thoughtfulness (complementary products);
  • d) ease of customization;
  • e) and originality

Each and every one of the winners took the criteria to heart and blew us away. Seriously!

Without further ado, I present to you the 2018 HolidayZ winners:

1st: “Winter Forest Fox” by Moodthology

The judges fell in love with the foxes! The hand painted designs are unique, festive, perfectly on trend, and absolutely stole their hearts ❤️. The collection has a unifying theme, but there are also different designs that compliment it without overwhelming it. The product assortment is so thoughtful, from socks to mugs, gift tags to pillows, we can see customers being thrilled with all of it! Moodthology submitted nine entries and all of them were spectacular. Big congratulations to Lisa and Melanie!


2nd: “Scandinavian Floral Christmas Collection” by Colleen Michele

This is a modern take on Christmas! The colors are fun and festive but they also stand out in a playful sense. The judges loved the thoughtful details in each of the cards. There were vertical and horizontal orientations of each, with a focus on diversity and inclusivity that always warms the heart. The product selection was well thought through, with the cards as the base product; the envelope liners, labels and stickers help bring it home. We also love the fleece blanket and pillows that added a touch of customization.


3rd: “Holiday | Nutcracker” by Caroline Bonne Muller

This is a darling showcase of a classic tale! With the Nutcracker movie coming out in a few weeks, we already see much excitement for the ballet favorite. The collection has so many pieces that all compliment each other. The products are fun and thoughtful and sure to be enjoyed for years to come.


Editors Pick: “Wonders of His Love” by S C DESIGN

Understanding negative design space is so important, and this collection captures it perfectly. This simple, understated religious theme is a beautiful nod to the reason for the season. We love all the thoughtful details including the back of the cards, the different colors, and the different card types.


Editors Pick: “12 Days of Christmas” by Shelby Allison

Everything in this collection is so cute, so thoughtful, and so well made. Each day of Christmas was handpainted and thoughtfully paired with elegant handwriting and cute sayings. The products in this collection blow us away! We love the thoughtfulness and consideration that went into each product. Zazzle works hard on launching new and unique products all year and seeing these wonderful collections that designers are able to pair together warms our hearts.


Editors Pick: “holiday | bramble” by Annie

This collection has modern colors that pop off the page! These are all hand painted with complimentary colors and such exquisite taste. The hand-painted botanical greenery is on trend and so hot this holiday season. The colors are rich and stunning; they’re sure to stand out in the mail. We love the ease of customization, the monographs and all that ties it to a beautiful holiday collection.


Editors Pick: “Festive Dreidel Hanukkah Collection” by Calani May

Why have one day of gifts when you can have 8?! We love this clean dreidel collection with different picture template numbers for those with many good pictures and for those with only one good picture. Clean, simple, modern, happy Hanukkah!


Editors Pick: “Green Plaid Holiday Collection” by Caitlyn

Plaid is a classic, but this modern plaid is so much more. The entire collection soothes the eyes and brings a big smile to our faces. Simple and elegant, this collection showcases the customers’ images. Sometimes less is more, and sometimes so much more.


Editors Pick: “Modern Minimal Cheers New Year” by Erika Firm

No, we didn’t forget New Years! We love the modern take on the new year with simple colors, but a whole lot of design! Pale pink and black are so on trend, and we love the entire collection! Did someone say wine? Here’s to 2019!


Editors Pick: “Naughty Holiday” by Katie Zimpel

Yes! How original and fun. We so appreciate a sense of humor!! We loved this naughty ode to the lighter times of the holiday. Fun and young, this collection is sure to catch a couple chuckles and we applaud the creativity! Bravo.


Let’s give another round of applause to the winners!



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