Instagram Spotlight: Moodthology

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Meet Lisa & Melanie—the owners of the Zazzle store Moodthology and the Moodthology Instagram account. Lisa & Melanie are doing an amazing job utilizing Instagram to spread the word about their trendy design brand. Today, they’re sharing their story, along with some top-notch Instagram tips.

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Tell us about yourself!

Hello there! We’re Lisa & Melanie, co-founders of Moodthology. We’re twin designers (Sign of the Gemini). We live in the beautiful province of Ontario, Canada. From a young age we’ve always loved art, drawing and painting, plus finding different mediums to express our creativity. This passion for visual design and expression led us to furthering our educational journey, achieving a four-year design and visual arts diploma.

Melanie McDonald picture          Lisa McDonald picture
We own and operate a successful logo and design company called LogoMood, where we specialize in logo design, branding and corporate identity.

Moodthology logo

Wanting to find an avenue that would offer us the opportunity to expand our illustrative passion, we found Zazzle about six months ago and immediately fell in love with their business concept. It allows us all the creative freedom to explore and express our love for illustration and design.

Aside from our artistic side, we both enjoy the outdoors, gardening, being active both in sports/fitness, wood carving, cooking and music.

We’re really enjoying our Zazzle experience and we’re having a blast.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

We find our inspiration from within, but grounded in all the beauty of the world of possibilities that surround us. Quiet places without distractions, allow our inspiration to thrive and transform into unique designs by incorporating inspirational shapes of animals, the human form, patterns, colors and textures found in nature, architecture, and vintage/antique style. We also draw our inspiration from each other.

What tips can you offer other Designers on managing and growing their Instagram account?

Tip #1

An important tip that we highly recommend is choosing a theme that reflects your own personality, style and expression. Your theme style should remain consistent on each of your posts.

Screenshot of Moodthology Instagram account

Tip # 2

Instagram is a very visual platform, so it’s very important to use professional photography and images that will make your content aesthetically pleasing and sharable.

Screenshot of Moodthology Instagram account styling post

Screenshot of Moodthology Instagram account invite post

Tip #3

Lastly, hashtags are extremely important in attracting and growing your followers. Try to use relevant and trending hashtags that are appropriate for your posts and your audience.

Screenshot of Moodthology Instagram Hello Girl art print post


We hope you enjoyed this Instagram Spotlight and we look forward to seeing you put these tips into action! Make sure to tag your posts #ZazzleMade so that we can find your great content and re-gram you!

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