Pinterest Part 2: Showing Up In Pinterest Search

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In Part 1 of our Pinterest series, we talked about best practices for setting up a Pinterest account for your Zazzle store. However, setting up your account is only half the battle. With 250 million monthly active users, lots of new pins are added daily, so how do you get your pins to surface in front of the right audience? Take a look at the tips below on how to help your pins show up in Pinterest search.

Tip #1: Use hashtags.

Using 2 to 3 hashtags in your pin descriptions (the only place you can click and search hashtags) can help those pins be more searchable on Pinterest. You can get ideas about what hashtags to use by typing in your product type into the Pinterest search bar and seeing what suggestions come up.

In the example below, you can see that typing in ‘wedding invitations’ brings up some popular descriptive terms that people use when they are searching for ‘wedding invitations.’ So if you have any designs that align with those terms (e.g. rustic wedding invitations), pinning those designs, while the terms are trending, can help your pins get more views, likes, comments and clicks.

You can also type in your product type and follow the search to see what keywords appear at the top of the results page. In the example below, you can see that there are number of descriptive keywords that come up (fall, vintage, modern, etc.) which can help you create more specific hashtags. You can also keep doing more specific searches e.g. ‘fall vintage wedding invitations’ to see what other keywords might come up.

The more specific the hashtag, the more likely your pin is to show up higher in search for the audience who is searching for that specific term. Since the person searching is already highly engaged (e.g. they are already looking for that specific product or idea), then they are more likely to interact (like, comment, etc.) with your pin or even possibly click over to make a purchase.

Tip #2: Answer questions and inspires ideas.

Think of Pinterest as a search engine where people go to ask questions and get ideas. Your boards should act as potential search results for those questions. A great place to start is to use your Zazzle collections to create specific and unique boards, and then add to those boards with other pins you find on Pinterest.

In the example below, we can see that the ‘Fall Boho Wedding’ board answers the question for people who are searching for those specific wedding ideas. It contains a variety of designs, a variety of products, and several inspirational photography pins.


It’s good to note that it’s better to have more specific (niche) boards with a lot of pins, rather than creating many boards with general themes and few pins. Again, if you think of Pinterest as a search engine, then you are competing with all of the other boards and pins to show up in someone’s search results. Less specific terms like ‘wedding invitations’ will have more results than ‘boho fall wedding invitations,’ and therefore, your pins will have a less chance of showing up in front of this larger (and less targeted) audience.

Creating a variety of specific boards with both evergreen and seasonal themes can help you engage a larger audience. Don’t forget to create and/or refresh your seasonal boards well in advance of the holiday as people like to get ideas and start planning early. For example, you should create or refresh your holiday boards 2 to 3 months in advance of that holiday. If you have wedding themed boards, we recommend you refresh them all year round, no matter what theme or season the board is geared to.

Tip #3: Pin regularly.

The Pinterest algorithm rewards consistency, so to stay in the algorithm’s good graces, you should pin weekly if you can. The pin limit on Pinterest is 200,000, so pinning too much, is not anything to worry about. That being said, keep in mind that it’s about quality, not quantity! The more likes, comments, re-pins your pins get, the more likely they are to show up when someone does a search on Pinterest. So pinning several times a week to boards that answer a specific question with relevant hashtags in your pin descriptions, can be more fruitful then pinning hundreds of pins daily to a generic boards without hashtags.

Tip #4: Focus on new and emerging pin trends.

Check your Pinterest home feed to see if any trends are emerging. Are there certain colors or themes are starting to appear in your feed? Perhaps there are certain products you keep seeing pop up. Maybe a popular listicle or DIY keeps surfacing? Doing a bit of trend investigation can really help you stay on top your pinning game.

Keep an eye out for our next post where we go over some top Pinterest trends that you’ll want to try in 2019!

Have additional tips for showing up in Pinterest search? Share with us in a comment below.

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