October Referral Contest Winners 2018

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The numbers are in, and they look great! We had 20% more participants in the October Referral Contest this year than last year and lots of new faces. Today, we’re excited to tell you about a few of the winners and get their advice about the key to success!

Tier 1 Winner: Royce from Roycycled Treasures.

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I have always loved collecting old photos, documents, and postcards. I can spend hours arranging and re-arranging my ephemeral finds to make beautiful collages. In my mind, they are visual stories being re-told.

Photo of Royce

How do you promote Zazzle?

I promote my Zazzle store Roycycled on my Facebook page, and through Instagram. I run contests for the furniture pieces that are created using my designs. This gives my customers an opportunity to show off their work, and gives others an opportunity to see the possibilities of what you can create with my designs.

Screenshot of Roycycled Facebook Page
Screenshot of Roycycled Instagram

Do you have any tips for Associates who are just starting out?

I have grown my referrals by being an expert among my crafting peers. My reputation as the ‘Queen of Decoupage’ among my followers makes my referral valuable to my customers. I am consistent, and stick to the identity of my brand when creating designs. I do video tutorials using Zazzle supplies; this drives a lot of my sales. Find your niche, and be authentically you. Your customers will value your opinion and believe in your products.

Tier 4 Winner: Miriam from Fresh & Yummy Paperie.

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi there! I’m Miriam, the designer behind Fresh and Yummy Paperie. I’m a self-taught designer. In fact, until a few years ago when I first gave it a try, I didn’t think of myself as creative at all. I’m so glad I stumbled into graphic design because I love it so much! Although my main focus is designing on Zazzle, I’m also an affiliate. I’m married with two young boys, and I work from my home office where I can be close to my family.

A photo of Miriam

How do you promote Zazzle?

I promote Zazzle products on Pinterest and through email. On Pinterest, you can’t just pin once and hope that your affiliate pin will take off. Pin the same product or collection multiple times. I use the paid app Tailwind to make sure that my pins are being re-pinned regularly, but not too often.

Screenshot of Miriam's Pinterest account

Do you have any tips for Associates who are just starting out?

Promote my store!! Haha, kidding! I have two tips:

1. Add tracking codes (‘tc’ parameter) to your affiliate links. It’s so important because then you will know where your sales are coming from. (Learn more about tracking codes here.)

Make your tracking codes very specific. For example, when I’m promoting on Pinterest, I don’t just put ‘&tc=pinterest’ at the end of my referral link. I add more info in the tracking code so that I will know which pin drove the traffic. Something like ‘&tc=PinterestAutumnGardenCollection’ is what I would use. If you add specific tracking codes, then it will be much easier to tell exactly where your traffic is coming from so you can do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t work.

2. This one is pretty obvious, but worth repeating. Make sure every link you create is an affiliate link. Even if it’s in an email to your mom. 🙂

Tier 5 Winner: Meet E. & A. from WedOnPaper.

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

We are E. & A., a couple of friends from Sicily, but now both living in Milan and working for IT firms. We are both married (to other people, not each other). Both of our backgrounds are in IT. A. works on the technical aspect of the website, and I (E.) decide what and when to promote. We started our Zazzle account last year, and began promoting products on Pinterest. Then, immediately after, we created our Wed on Paper website.

How do you promote Zazzle?

We spend a few hours a week promoting on Pinterest.

Screenshot of Wed On Paper Pinterest account

Once a week, we write a post on our Wed on Paper site featuring the best designs on Zazzle.

We do some promotion on Instagram too where we feature a variety of Zazzle designs.

Do you have any tips for Associates who are just starting out?

Find a niche and keep posting and sharing the best items you find in the marketplace.    

Don’t underestimate the power of having your own website, and keep a constant presence on social media (Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook). Keep your fingers crossed and promote, promote, promote!

We hope you enjoyed meeting our winners and happy promoting!

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