10 Alternative Wedding Ideas for a Unique Wedding Day

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If you know one thing about weddings, it’s that there are unlimited ways for them to be unique! With so many opportunities for personalization and customization, we’ve compiled a list of non-traditional wedding ideas and products that will help your wedding stand out from the rest, and also save you some money at the same time!

1. Use hand fans as programs: As opposed to printing your ceremony program on paper, put it on a hand fan! Bonus tip: These will come in especially handy if your wedding is outdoors, in the sun, or is happening in a warm month.

2. Pick a rubber stamp design that can do double duty: If you’re mailing invites & thank you cards, buy a reusable rubber stamp of your address that you can use for all your mailings. Try to pick a design that works for all occasions, so you can use it for years to come!

Rubber stamps that can double for your wedding stationery as well as all your future stationery needs.

3. Welcome poster: If you’re planning on making a sign to welcome your guests to your wedding, pick one that does double duty! We have designs that you can also use as home decor, welcoming guests into your abode.

4. Re-purpose empty wine bottles as vases: Calling all wine drinkers! Save your empty wine bottles and spray paint them in a color that matches your wedding’s theme. Look for flowers with longer stems (roses, daisies or sunflowers, for example) to place inside the bottles, and you have yourself a beautiful upcycled centerpiece!

5. Use stickers for multiple needs: Stickers are not only inexpensive, they can be used in many different places during your wedding for a special touch. We love using them to seal envelopes, for personalizing your store-bought favors or even on your centerpieces.

Stickers that can double as envelope seals to stick onto all your wedding stationery or labels to label your decor and centerpieces.

6. Create a wedding journal: Instead of buying a journal just for your vows, make it a place for love letters and notes during your engagement, as well as your vows. This will make for a lovely wedding gift to your spouse and an everlasting keepsake.

7. Glasses as favors: You’ll be handing out glasses anyway, so why not use them as favors too! You can use anything from mason jars to pint glasses, so let your creativity and your favorite beverage container speak for itself.

8. Use folded business cards or gift tags for place cards: Leave a space on the cards to write your guests’ names and their tables, and arrange them on a table at your reception entry for an easy seating chart. Bonus tip: Attach the gift tags to another item (a small candle, a post-wedding sweet treat, a mug, etc.) to use them as a place card and a favor!

Business cards or gift tags to double as place cards so your guests know where they're sitting during the ceremony or reception!

9. Use a poster or canvas print as a guest book: Instead of purchasing an actual guest book only to have it sit on a shelf, have a piece printed that your guests can write you a message on. Frame it after your wedding for a sweet reminder of your wedding day to hang in your home.

10. Recycle leaves into confetti: In the days leading up to your wedding, gather leaves from your neighborhood. Using a heart (or other shaped) punch, cut out shapes from your leaves. Separate out a few ounces of confetti into small paper cones or bags for your guests to shower you with as you make your grand departure! Bonus tip: This trick is especially great if your venue prohibits rice, sparklers, or other items that are usually used for a send off.

With so many things to plan for your wedding, it can quickly become overwhelming. By using items in alternative ways you can express your personal style, utilize products for multiple functions, and create pieces that will last long after your wedding day.

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