December Referral Contest Winners 2019

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We’re excited to feature two of our December Referral Contest winners—Nicholas from C82 and Paula from La Bella Rue. In this post, they’ll tell you a bit more about their backgrounds and share tips for being a successful Designer and Associate.

Tier 1 Winner: Nicholas Rougeux from C82

C82, works of Nicholas Rougeux logo image

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a Chicago-based web designer and artist. From a young age, my fascination with the digital world led to a healthy obsession with data visualization and fractal artwork, which I’ve been fortunate enough to have had published and exhibited around the world. I enjoy learning about new ways to look at information and sharing that with others through my various projects. Some of my recent favorite projects are:

You can find posters of all of these projects in my C82 Zazzle store.

How do you promote your Zazzle store?

I promote posters of my artwork on C82, my personal portfolio site. I’ve been a proud supporter of Zazzle since some of its earliest days in 2002 and have enjoyed watching it grow for more almost two decades. I often share Zazzle’s coupon codes very visibly on my site to promote ongoing sales and occasionally promote large sales on Twitter. I make heavy use of Zazzle’s API which allows me to create a large number of posters and easily make them available for purchase through just a link on my site.

Nicholas Rougeux C82 website screenshot

Do you have any tips for Designers and Associates who are just starting out?

The best advice I can give is similar to what most others would probably say: Create what you like. Someone else is bound to find it interesting too. You never know who else out there may share your interests. I’ve never enjoyed promoting myself beyond posting a couple tweets about new projects. Instead, I enjoy seeing others’ comments and feedback on my work. Others’ feedback helps spread the word more organically and has much more influence than me posting a lot of advertising-like notices about sales or products. I imagine I could get more traffic if I promoted myself more, but I get more joy in watching how others share things of mine that they like naturally.

Tier 5 Winner: Paula from La Bella Rue

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Hello! I’m Paula, the designer and creator of La Bella Rue, a custom invitation design studio located just south of Boston.

I’ve always been an artist at heart. I started drawing as soon as I could hold a crayon, so it was no surprise that I ended up going to an art college. I was originally going to major in illustration, but decided to go with graphic design. Now, I can’t imagine my days without designing.

A wedding planner told me about Zazzle in 2010, and I’ve been using it nonstop since then!

How do you promote your Zazzle store?

I mainly use Instagram and Pinterest to promote my business. I also have custom pens with my Zazzle store info and always keep a handful of them in my bag to pass out. I do have a website and a blog, but I haven’t been focusing on those as much lately. I wish there were more days and hours in a week!

La Bella Rue Pinterest account screenshot

Do you have any tips for Designers and Associates who are just starting out?

One of the things I did within my first year or two being on Zazzle was add my contact information in each product description so customers know how to contact me to ask for design changes. I’m more than happy to work with customers on any design requests, and this proves to be a great way to get referrals. After a customer reaches out to me for changes on a design, I’m able to send them back the updated design link with my referral code added. I honestly get most of my referrals this way and I never have a month go by without a volume bonus.

Like it. Love it. Share it.

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