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Foxblossom Co. is a team of women — makers & designers — working together to create beautiful, personalized items. Their specialty will always be gifts for bridesmaids, engagements, bridal showers and weddings, but now they also offer gifts to celebrate all of life’s occasions, big and small. Each order that leaves their studio is made with care and beautifully packaged, to give our customers a memorable experience from beginning to end.

Tell us about yourself! Where is your company located?  How long have you been in business?

My name is Amanda Deighan and my company is Foxblossom Company; we’re located in Pittsburgh, PA and we were founded in 2012.

March is Women’s history Month, What does it mean to you being a woman-owned business?

Being a woman-owned business plays a huge role in our company culture. I am grateful that the internet and rise of e-commerce has made running a business so much more accessible now than it was for my parent’s generation, and the opportunities for our daughters will be even greater.

Why is that important for your company, products, and its success?

The majority of our customers are women, since our products tend to be on the more feminine side. We definitely appreciate our female customers and are grateful to have their support.

Tell us about the space where you do your work.  Your facility. Size? Machines? Employees?

Our office space is about 3000 square feet, and we are a team of six women, but we accomplish quite a lot despite our small team size. Everyone is very skilled and wears many different hats in a single day. We have machines for embroidery, laser cutting, engraving, jewelry making, and candle making.

What is your background in making made-to-order products? What got you started creating?

I was very artistic throughout my whole childhood and almost went to school for design. I ended up in finance/accounting instead because it seemed like a safer career path, but I found my way back to creating when planning my own wedding in 2011. My business began with wedding products, but we’ve since expanded and now the bulk of our business has become custom gift design for corporate/client gifting.

How often do you launch new products?  How long does it take to product develop and create a new product offering?

We tend to launch a new product every few months. Sometimes it’s sourcing and designing a whole new product from scratch, and sometimes it’s just updating an old favorite with a new font or style.

What has been the great challenge in making and selling made-to-order products?

The greatest challenge is that others copy our designs so quickly and it creates a limited window for selling them. Sales will be great on a new product for the first few months, until 15 other Etsy shops begin selling identical copies of our work, and sales decline.  You have to constantly be innovating and staying ahead of the game.

What has been the greatest reward/victory in making and selling made-to-order products?

The greatest reward is the really kind messages we receive from customers who are so excited to receive their personalized gifts.

What are your 5 favorite products in your Zazzle store?

My favorite products are our monogram cake toppers, engraved dress hangers, pet ornaments, monogrammed jewelry boxes, and hand poured candles.

Do you have any advice for new Zazzle Makers?

Don’t be discouraged in the beginning if it takes a while for sales to pick up. Often you will launch a new product that you think people are going to love, but they just don’t. It can sometimes take several new products before you finally get one that’s a hit.

Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about you?

My team shares an office space with my husband’s team. He’s also a maker and designs video games – Mega Cat Studios. It is a great perk to see him and my dog at work each day, but also get to maintain some of our independence with separate businesses.

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