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Tell us about yourself!

I live in Niceville, Florida, which is on the Panhandle. I enjoy raising flowers and gardening, cooking and trying new recipes. I play Star Wars: The Old Republic game online with my husband and create game related character YouTube videos. I enjoy photographing my flowers and insects in my garden (some of which end up on designs). I enjoy writing. I used to write a good deal of fanfiction, but currently have been trying out short fiction based on writers’ prompts I’ve saved in Pinterest.

Tell us about the space where you do your work.

I work at home. My husband and I share a room we call our ‘office’ where we’re set up, each with our own computers.

What is your background in art/design? What got you started creating?

A talent for art runs in my family and I’ve always enjoyed drawing and sketching. After four years in the Air Force, I went to college for commercial art in 1980-82, earning an Associate of Arts degree in it. This was the old days, with Rubylith cutting to do four-color printing. I always wished to be a card designer for Hallmark, but I was looking when they required hand-drawn submissions and four-color printing would have required Rubylith cutting. I got married and went back to college, got a Bachelor of Arts in communications arts with an emphasis on advertising and a minor in marketing. Then I ended up becoming a floral designer in the mid-90s. I loved it but after seventeen years, I decided Zazzle was going to be my new career and I was going to be an independent graphic artist. I opened a store in 2011 and here I am today.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

My inspiration comes from all sorts of places. Mostly my own head. I have piles of paper scraps with ideas on them on my desk. My husband gives me many ideas, particularly for my Christian shirt designs, which he wears. He’s like my billboard. I get ideas from my garden and photos. I have a dry sense of humor and sometimes something funny just comes to me.

When do you feel most creative? Your least?

I am randomly creative. That’s the joy of working at home. I can work when I feel like it. And there’s so much more to do then just designing. I blog and I do Pinterest and I promote products.

What are your favorite products to design on Zazzle?

I love making cards. I think Christmas cards are my favorite. I never made it to Hallmark, but I made it here. Warner Bros Studios contacted me in October to use one of my Zazzle cards as a prop on a 2018 Murphy Brown show. I felt like a movie star! (It’s #3 on the favorite product list!)

What was the very first Zazzle product that you sold?

I think my first sale was a chocolate typography mug my friend bought from me as a way of supporting my new store.

What are your favorite types of products to design on Zazzle?

I like designing cards, mugs, t-shirts and Post-it® Notes. I totally love Post-it® Notes!

What Are Your 5 Favorite Products in Your Store?

Huge Thank You Extra Large 8×10 Card

Planetary Glyphs Deep Space Astronomy Clock

Bejeweled Dragonfly Birthday Wishes Postcard

I Once Was a Dead Man Christian T-Shirt

Joy Love Peace Minimalist Holiday Photo Card

Do you have any advice for new Zazzle Designers?

My advice is this: (1) Don’t give up! Keep designing and adding to your store. It takes time to succeed. (2) Make collections because if someone looks at it, they can see all the products under that one design.

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