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You’ve probably read a couple of Sandra Boynton’s books growing up, or have read them to your children. She is kind of a big deal in the literary world, recognized as an extraordinary talent. What you may not know about Boynton is that she has her very own Zazzle store! This amazing artist and entrepreneur […]

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The weather is warming up, which means sunshine, backyard barbeques, and trips to the park. The outdoors call to our spirits, the sun beckoning us to visit for a while. As people head out into the world to adventure and explore, they’ll want to take some comfort with them to sprawl out and enjoy the […]

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Hats have many different uses. I’ve been going bald since I turned 27 years old, so I wear hats to protect my head from the sun, or to keep it warm in the winter. Some people wear hats to show support for their favorite sports team. Some wear them to top off their stylish outfits. […]

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I love my wife, but boy is she clumsy. I recently upgraded my phone and gave her the old model to replace the cracked one she owned, along with a case to protect it. Of course, the first moment she took the case off she dropped the phone on the concrete, and the screen cracked. […]

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Right now, Zazzle is running a triptych design contest. We have an amazing prize ready for the winner, sponsored by Acrylic Idea Factory, the company that produces our triptychs. Will it be you? Before we talk about the contest, let’s learn a little bit about triptychs. What is a Triptych? Derived from the Greek word […]

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I love ties. I have a drawer full of them, and I still have to keep myself from buying more. I have ties to go with every dress shirt I own, and backups just in case I want to switch up my style. I even have ties that don’t go with any of my dress […]

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Southern California is bright and beautiful. It’s filled with the gorgeous, the gaudy, and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. It houses Hollywood and the Walk of Fame, the Lakers and the Clippers, Bad Religion and The Eagles. SoCal is also home to BOLDFACE Gear, a company that specializes in custom backpack and guitar case “faces.” They are […]

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Today’s guest post comes to us from Charming Ink on how to create a fun and memorable gift for Dad this Father’s Day!  If your kids are too young to write, have them make fingerprint gifts for Father’s Day. Instead of signing their names, they can add their unique “stamp” to Zazzle cards or gift tags. […]

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Now that the month is nearly over, it’s time to show off the May ZazzleMade submissions. If you are new to Zazzle, or the blog, we ask customers and designers to share their custom Zazzle products and designs with us through our Instagram social media account. If you want the chance to see your product(s) […]

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Being a designer can be difficult. You have to make sure to stay “on trend,” but also experiment with your designs to see if you can drive a trend through your own unique design style. This can be a delicate balancing act, especially if you don’t know what designs are popular for the product you […]

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