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Your plane lands after a five-hour flight, and you’re exhausted. You see the night sky through the airport windows and walk through the sparsely populated terminal. On the trip, you were squeezed into a cramped seat, and the person on your left fell asleep on your shoulder. All you want to do is head to […]

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We all start as beginners: beginners at life, beginners at eating, beginners at talking, even beginners at thinking. Our success at each endeavor we attempt comes from the work we put in, especially when the prospects for success look bleak. Before Michael Jordan became a basketball superstar, he was cut from his high school team. […]

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In my private life, I like to write short stories and plays. Often, people will ask, “Where do your ideas come from, Jamar?” It’s not a question I like to answer. Not because I want to play coy, or because I don’t have an answer — it’s because my reply never satisfies the person who […]

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When the Marvel Cinematic Universe started, Marvel Comics had to be very creative about the heroes they would introduce. The X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man were all owned by other studios, so Marvel started with lesser-read heroes like Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, and Thor. Comic book fans, like myself, salivated because we all knew […]

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Hello, Zazzle designers! The holiday season is creeping ever closer, so we want to give you some tips for getting all of your holiday designs ready. Check out our latest Zazzle Chat talking about the 2017 holiday trends! Enjoy!

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Hello Designers, in this blog segment “TRENDZ” we will discuss upcoming trends we see in the universe, in the hopes that it will inspire your designs on our great products. Join us as we dish about everything from fonts to fashion trends. We hope it gets your creative juices flowing! Colors of the Wind You […]

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When I was a young student, I had no idea how a teacher supplied their classroom. I guess a part of me just thought the supplies magically appeared when the school year started, and magically replenished themselves during the summer. I can hear educators everywhere screaming, “THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS!!” And they’re right: that’s […]

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I don’t have children of my own, but I do have two godsons and two goddaughters. Three of them are old enough to attend school, and both my wife and I like to help out with purchasing school supplies. I’m not a huge fan of shopping, and each year the prospect of trying to beat […]

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In a few short weeks teachers, students, and parents will be in the midst of back-to-school preparations. I deal with this annually because my wife is a teacher, and I watch her start to gather her supplies, decorations, and lesson plans for another year. Every school year brings a new crop of students, and with […]

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Meet Pei Li Lee — a Zazzle Designer and Associate who is a full-time blogger and owner of the Zazzle store Vivid Ideas and website Vivid’s Gift Ideas. Residing currently in Malaysia with her husband and cat Chester, Pei Li Lee spends her time creating gift guides and expanding her business through networking and social […]

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