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Congrats to Jen Gebrosky, winner of the 2016 Holiday Card Design Contest! We sat down with the longtime Zazzle maker and designer and owner of Blush Paper Co. to talk about current trends and the inspiration for her winning Colorblock Merry Collection. 1. Tell us about your inspiration for the color block collection? My kids, […]

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We all know someone who’s served in our nation’s armed forces, whether it’s the U.S. Army, Marines, Air Force or Navy. Parents, brothers, sisters, friends, husbands, wives, sons, daughters — today we honor these men and women who have served so bravely throughout history. And while everyone knows it’s Veteran’s Day, many of us aren’t […]

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Well, folks. Tomorrow is the day. The moment of truth. D-Day. The day the fat lady sings. Otherwise known as Election Day. And for some of us who have pledged to leave the country if “the other candidate” wins, it just might be moving day. Whether you’re a bad hombre or a nasty woman, we’ll […]

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We’ve all wondered it: If a zombie attack became a reality, would I be one of the few bad&%$ enough to survive it? You will with this list of zombie-butt kicking, keep-it-together essentials. A fire-starting kit. Unless you know how to make fire the old-fashioned way, a fire-starting kit will help keep you warm and […]

Designer Newsletter v.1.3 — sent out on 10/07/16

<!doctype html> <![endif]–>   News you can use view online Happy autumn, designers! We hope you’re getting geared up for a happy and prosperous holiday season! Here’s the latest in terms of blog posts, videos and new products in v1.3. Thank you for being a part of our Designer Community! Find out what’s happening at […]

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Webster knows words. It has the best words. 470,000 words to be exact. If you’ve ever wondered how one of the most famous dictionaries came about, today’s your lucky day. Here’s the story, of a man named Noah Webster, the “Father of the American Dictionary,” whose birthday just happens to be today. 1806 | The […]

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For taco lovers, today is not merely Tuesday. It is Taco Tuesday. But this is no ordinary Taco Tuesday. Today, we commemorate the king of all Taco Tuesdays; the ultimate ode to one of the culinary world’s most perfect masterpieces: National Taco Day. It’s a day that exists because, as we all know, the taco […]

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Congratulations! You’re engaged! Now – where to begin on planning the biggest day of your life? If like me, you find planning tomorrow’s outfit daunting, let alone an entire wedding, then look no further than Hitched’s new wedding planning tool, which will have you gliding towards your dream day in 80 effortless steps. Whichever stage […]

How to Move Older Designs to New Products

Let’s talk about getting more ‘bang for the buck.’ Let’s say you have a design on a poster and it’s done really well in the marketplace; here’s how to extend your product offerings by putting that design quickly and easily across all products within ‘Custom Art and Posters.’ Here are the steps: Go to your […]

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Designers who are small business owners hear it all the time: These days, having a blog is non-negotiable. But is it really right for every business and every business owner? The answer is, it simply depends. On what, you ask? On your business goals, your level of commitment, your budget and a host of other […]