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I’m a hugely competitive person by nature, but I wasn’t big into sports when I was in high school. I played football because my stepfather wanted me to play. I hated all the running in practice, and I hated every hit and tackle in the games. So it was a relief when I slipped while […]

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Let’s play a little game, shall we? I want you to think about your favorite family members. I want you to hold them in your mind, and remember all of the great times you’ve shared. The laughter, the inside jokes, the hugs. Now, I want you to imagine you and those same family members built […]

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Southern California is bright and beautiful. It’s filled with the gorgeous, the gaudy, and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. It houses Hollywood and the Walk of Fame, the Lakers and the Clippers, Bad Religion and The Eagles. SoCal is also home to BOLDFACE Gear, a company that specializes in custom backpack and guitar case “faces.” They are […]

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Sit back, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Now tell me, what is your dream? What is that secret desire you hold dear to your heart? Do you want to publish a book? Create the next great work of art? Or maybe you want to start your own business? There are dangers in […]

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Meet Aaron Schwartz of Modify Watches, modular timepieces where you can design your own face and mix-and-match the straps to change looks on a daily basis. Tell us about you and your company? Where are you located? How many people in the company? Modify Watches is based in San Francisco. We started in Berkeley in […]

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Today’s blog comes to us from Redwood & Vine designer Kristen Juckiewicz! Kristen is a Brooklyn native now living in California’s beautiful Napa Valley.  Her store Redwood & Vine brings together her love of paper design, entertaining, food and wine, and pop culture! As a mom herself, she feels a deep connection to the Kenyan moms […]

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I LOVE candles! It’s one of the small luxuries that I don’t splurge on too often, but when I do, I appreciate that extra ambiance the warm glow brings.  I recently went to a candle lit yoga class and the difference it made was almost worth the cost of the class. Almost.   If you […]

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Today we’re chatting with the Makers behind the family-owned business Stamp Nouveau. Learn more about how they turned a fun hobby into a successful business of custom inked stamps. Tell us about you! Stamp Nouveau is a family run business located in Kentucky.  We live on a small 8 acre farm. We love the simple […]

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Today we’re interviewing Hampton Technologies, the Makers behind some of our most fun-loving products: ping pong balls, paddles and pong tables. Meet the brothers behind these personalized fun accessories, and learn more about their upcoming custom product endeavors. Tell us about you and Hampton Technologies! Hampton Technologies is family-owned company for more than 30 years. […]

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Today we’re chatting with Marc Goldberg, founder of Tassel Toppers. Find out how he started his custom graduation cap topper business and how his products make a difference for graduates and their families.