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Now that I’ve had time to digest the “XS-essive” information from the recent Apple Keynote, I’m ready to MAX out my excitement on the new iPhone release. In my previous blog post about The Evolution of the iPhone, I did a quick rundown on the growth from the first iPhone to the 10th anniversary iPhone […]

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It’s that time of the year again… no, not Christmas; it’s Apple’s new product announcement time! To get a new phone, or not to get a phone, that is the question. True story: When people get new phones, they also get new cases! Google Trends Search Term Graph: New iPhone vs iPhone Case Seriously, look […]

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Every case out there serves its own purpose. At Zazzle, we have brands for iPhone cases such as Case-Mate, Carved, OtterBox, LifeProof®, Uncommon, Incipio and more. While all the cases are 100% customizable, the look, feel, and purpose of each case varies. It’s important to do a comparison on how your lifestyle matches the case […]

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You might call it the iPhone, but I call it my right-hand man. I fell in love with my first iPhone in 2010 and have watched it grown into the beautiful device it is today. There have been design changes, software changes, camera improvements, communication improvements, and so much more. I’m shocked at how much […]

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I love my wife, but boy is she clumsy. I recently upgraded my phone and gave her the old model to replace the cracked one she owned, along with a case to protect it. Of course, the first moment she took the case off she dropped the phone on the concrete, and the screen cracked. […]

How to Pick the Perfect Phone Case

Zazzle’s marketplace offers so many cases with tons of options for both designs and case styles, it can easily get overwhelming! Well, have no fear, I’m here to help you break down the best type of case for you – so all you need to worry about finding or creating the perfect design. Ultimate Protection […]

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It’s always exciting for us to add new products for our Designers to use to show off their creativity. Just last week, we launched OtterBox phone cases, the number one top-selling case in the United States! OtterBox cases are known for being tough and rugged, built for the most extreme conditions… or just extremely clumsy people […]

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Smartphones are everyone’s best friends. They do everything for us including get directions, find dinner, chat with friends and of course – take pictures. In this week’s Tips & Tricks, we’ll be presenting you with a few ways you can get that perfect pic you’ve always dreamed of with the camera that’s always with you.

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We recently had a very special addition to our line of customizable phone cases – Zazzle is now the only place where you can design an Incipio Feather® Shine, Incipio Watson™ Wallet, or an Incipio ATLAS ID™ iPhone case! Here are some reasons why we love Incipio cases and why we think you will, too: […]

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