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Now that the field has been whittled down to four, most of us are just watching for the fun and excitement. Some may even be watching their favorite team/alma mater try and fight their way to the college championship game. Want to get geared up when your team wins? Then head over to our College […]

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The day was first celebrated in 1988 by a physicist named Larry Shaw, also known as Prince of Pi, who organized a fun event of walking around circular spaces and eating pies at the San Francisco Exploratorium. The tradition continues to this day and is celebrated live and online around the world.

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Green beer, corned beef and cabbage, and a bunch of friends: it’ll soon be St. Patrick’s Day! If you are getting ready to celebrate this fun-filled extravaganza be sure you are properly adorned. We’d hate for you to get pinched. If you need a little help putting together a party, or a wardrobe, for the […]

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There are only 12 days left until Valentine’s Day. But more importantly, there are only 13 days left until I can buy discounted chocolates! If you’re like me, then being alone on Valentine’s Day isn’t that different than being alone on any other day of the year. But if you are feeling disheartened, I have some tips for throwing yourself an awesome “Singles Awareness Day” party.

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We are creeping closer and closer to Valentine’s Day. The chances for you to think of a great idea and put it into action are quickly fading. But there’s no need to scramble around or panic because Zazzle is here to help you plan the perfect Valentine’s Day for your significant other! Now, we can’t […]

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If you are anything like me, you have Valentine’s Day on cruise control. You’ve already booked reservations at their favorite restaurant, you have a spectacular gift ready to give them during dessert, and you’ve already picked your outfit and properly accessorized for the evenings’ festivities. Every so often, though, it’s good to inject a little […]

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Whether you are looking to start your own small business, or just want to brand yourself as an independent contractor in your field of expertise, one of the best ways to do that is to have a formal business suite. The type of suite you put together depends on whether you are looking for marketing […]

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He’s cute, he’s huggable, and he loves honey — the one and only — Winnie the Pooh! How will you spend your National Winnie the Pooh Day? Take a look at a few fun ideas below.

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It’s cold out there. And I’m not just talking about the weather. Today’s icy political climate has caused us to crack, and it seems we’re all drifting farther and farther apart on our own sad, lonely little glaciers. And even though you may find it hard to believe that anyone who voted for “the other […]

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The business card is dead. Long live the business card! Yeah, the above sentence? Totally not true. Nothing about the business card is dead, even in the age of online networking sites like LinkedIn, Monster, and JobVite. While these sites make it easier to search for job openings, sometimes the old fashioned meet-and-greet method is […]