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How did you and Ubuntu first connect? I first met Zane, founder of Ubuntu (formerly CTC International), about eight years ago at a Craigslist Foundation Nonprofit Boot Camp.  Zazzle was a sponsor of the event, as we found that a lot of nonprofits were starting to use our platform to raise funds for their causes. […]

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The Maasai Tribe are a group of women trained and sustainably employed by Ubuntu, the Maker behind The Zazzle Heart Adventure Collection. This partnership empowers these women to lift themselves and their families out of poverty through their time-honored tradition of beadwork. The Maasai live in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania near the many game parks of the African Great […]

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Today’s blog post comes to us from Ubuntu co-founder Zane, who would like to share with us more about our Zazzle and Ubuntu collaboration!

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For almost year, we’ve been working on a unique collaboration with UBUNTU, a social impact group focused on bettering the lives of communities in Kenya. We’re so excited to introduce fruits of our labor: The Zazzle Heart Adventure Collection. This collection exemplifies the possibility of collaboration and the power of doing something from the heart. Not […]

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What if your art had the power to create opportunities for makers on the other side of the world? Makers who, until recently, had little control over their own livelihoods? As you know, our mission here at Zazzle is to give people everywhere the power to make anything possible — including a better life. That’s […]

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Nope, you’re not experiencing a flashback. Just when you thought Zazzle’s far out product selections and designs couldn’t get any trippier, we’ve gone and added on Official Grateful Dead store. It’s like the next generation of Deadhead gear for the Deadhead who has it all. If you’ve been collecting gear for decades, you’ve likely come […]

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Don’t you love it when two awesome things come together to make something even more awesome? So do we! That’s why we’re so excited about some of our newest FanMerch stores, where fans and brands can come together to create some amazing fan-inspired designs. What’s FanMerch, you ask? FanMerch stores are special stores that allow […]

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When your DVR has been taken over by Disney Jr., Nickelodeon and Sprout, and the characters in your nightly reading ritual consists of barnyard animals, yinks and zeeps, it’s refreshing to pick up a children’s book you actually want to read. Enter Olivia the Pig, a posh little piggy who will win your heart as well as your toddler’s. What is it about Olivia that keeps parents and toddlers oinking for more?

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It happens to the best of us:  we find ourselves walking the aisles of a store looking for the perfect gift for a specific occasion.  “I’ll know it when I see it,”  we say, certain that something will strike our fancy. And then we spot It. (cue heavenly aura and “Hallelujah” chorus) The #Zazzle Inspiration Gallery is just that: the place to […]

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Besides getting organized and getting fit (and trying not to have popcorn for dinner too often – or is that just me?), we have another healthy resolution to add to your list: read more! There are all kinds of benefits to reading – think of it like a workout for your brain! Reading helps you […]