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If you haven’t noticed, our apparel offering recently received a face lift! Apparel is one of our oldest products, and as the site continues to evolve we want to make sure we are continually updating the product’s aesthetic to match the rest of the site. And just like a good spring cleaning it’s always good […]

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Today we are speaking with Ben Steed – a long-time Zazzle Associate and owner of the company Infinite Publishing. Ben has been a Zazzle Associate for eight years and promotes Zazzle on several websites including WeddingStamps and Swatched.

Getting Started on Pinterest

Pinterest is a picture and video sharing website that you can use to drive traffic to your store. With over 100 million active users, there is a big opportunity to increase your brand’s online presence and grow your customer base. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to create a Pinterest account and get started on the right track.

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Meet Aaron Schwartz of Modify Watches, modular timepieces where you can design your own face and mix-and-match the straps to change looks on a daily basis. Tell us about you and your company? Where are you located? How many people in the company? Modify Watches is based in San Francisco. We started in Berkeley in […]

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Hello, Designers! I’m here to give you a few grammar tips. Why? A simple grammatical mistake may cost you sales, and I know how hard you’re working during this holiday season to create fun, beautiful designs. Wait, where are you going?!? Please don’t leave yet! Look, I know a grammar lesson is the best way […]

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5 Ways to Know Thyself on Evaluate Your Life Day Every couple of months retail stores take inventory in order to match the numbers they have recorded with the actual stock they have. This allows them to evaluate what is known as “shrink,” or the amount of money lost through theft and misplaced product. It […]

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The holidays are the best time of the year, but as we all know, they are also the busiest. To help keep you organized and focused, we have created a checklist that will help you keep up with the latest trends and stay on top of your designing and promoting efforts.

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We’ve all wondered it: If a zombie attack became a reality, would I be one of the few bad&%$ enough to survive it? You will with this list of zombie-butt kicking, keep-it-together essentials. A fire-starting kit. Unless you know how to make fire the old-fashioned way, a fire-starting kit will help keep you warm and […]

Designer Newsletter v.1.3 — sent out on 10/07/16

News you can use view online  Happy autumn, designers! We hope you’re getting geared up for a happy and prosperous holiday season! Here’s the latest in terms of blog posts, videos and new products in v1.3. Thank you for being a part of our Designer Community! Find out what’s happening at Zazzle that impacts you! […]

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Webster knows words. It has the best words. 470,000 words to be exact. If you’ve ever wondered how one of the most famous dictionaries came about, today’s your lucky day. Here’s the story, of a man named Noah Webster, the “Father of the American Dictionary,” whose birthday just happens to be today. 1806 | The […]

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