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DIY Fabric Shirt Pockets

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I love wearing suits. Not because I look so good in them, but because they have so many sweet pockets! Most of my regular clothes, outside of my jeans, are pocket-less. #Sad. If you are also forced to live this pocket-less life I’ve found the solution: DIY fabric shirt pockets! Best of all these pockets require no sewing.

Here are the supplies you’ll need to make your DIY fabric shirt pockets:

Supplies photo - DIY Fabric Shirt Pockets

A T-shirt

Zazzle Custom Fabric



Pen or Pencil

Fabric Glue

Piece of Heavy Paper or Cardboard

A Free Pocket Pattern

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Print the pocket pattern on piece of heavy paper and cut along the external lines

Cutting pocket pattern - DIY Fabric Shirt Pockets

  1. Place the pocket pattern on top of your piece of fabric, trace, and cut

Tracing and cutting fabric - DIY Fabric Shirt Pockets

  1. Now take your pocket pattern and cut along the internal lines. Place this piece in the middle of your cut piece of fabric

Cutting pattern internally - DIY Fabric Shirt Pockets

  1. Carefully fold the edges of the fabric around the pocket pattern and iron them flat. Once this is done carefully remove the pocket pattern

Ironing fabric edges - DIY Fabric Shirt Pockets

  1. Now apply fabric glue to a single edge of the fabric and press it down firmly. Repeat on each edge until they are all hemmed. Use a heavy book to hold down the fabric until dry (we suggest using War & Peace). This should take about 30 minutes

Hemming fabric edges - DIY Fabric Shirt Pockets

  1. Once your pocket is fully dry it’s ready for your shirt. First take your piece of cardboard and place it inside your shirt where you plan to apply the pocket. This is to keep any glue from seeping through. Now carefully apply fabric glue along the edges of your pocket, then press it firmly to your shirt. Let dry for another 30 minutes

Applying pocket to shirt - DIY Fabric Shirt Pockets

  1. Once the pocket is dry you are ready to wear it. Enjoy your new DIY fabric shirt pocket!

Finished shirt - DIY Fabric Shirt Pockets

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DIY Corner: Adding Fabric to Serving Utensils

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The next few months will be filled with cold weather, pumpkin spice everything, and food – lots of food.

So here’s a DIY project that is fun, fast, and fantastic for festive parties, holiday gifts, or just adding character to your own kitchen.

Here’s what you’ll need

Supplies - DIY Fabric Serving Utensils

Here’s how you do it

Step 1 - DIY Fabric Serving Utensils

Step 1 Cut fabric into rectangular strips, large enough to wrap around the desired area. My strips were 6 in x 2 in.

Step 2 - DIY Fabric Serving Utensils

Step 2 Apply Mod Podge with sponge to the back of the wooden utensil. Place the long end of one fabric strip onto the adhesive. Press down firmly and smooth out any bubbles.

Step 3 - DIY Fabric Serving Utensils

Step 3 Add more Mod Podge to the sides and front of the utensil and then wrap the fabric around it. Make sure the fabric is placed evenly and tightly. Secure the last bit of fabric to the back of the utensil adding extra Mod Podge if needed to create a seam. Let dry for 10-15 minutes.

Step 4 - DIY Fabric Serving Utensils

Step 4 Once dry, apply an even coat of Mod Podge to the outside of the fabric to seal. Allow 72 hours for sealant to set. Hand wash cold.

Step 5 - DIY Fabric Serving Utensils

Step 5 Tada!

Step 5 - DIY Fabric Serving Utensils

Now you’ve created custom serving utensils, perfect for family gatherings and other holiday celebrations – made with love.

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5 Ways To Show Off Your Snapshots (No Wall Space Needed.)

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Photo Fun Fact: The average smartphone user takes about 150 photos per month, with iOS users besting Android and women taking snaps more often than men. 

Most smartphones can hold at least 630 photos, and if we’re being honest here, not every one of these images is destined for space on the wall. Enter the digital image conundrum: what to do with the images that capture memories far too special to live an eternity behind your phone’s screen, but don’t make the gallery wall cut?

We’ve rounded up 5 fun and easy ways to showcase your snapshots and most can be finished in under 5 minutes!

1. Postcard Rack

Re-purposing a postcard rack as a 4×6 photo holder is the perfect way to show off 100+ prints in a space-saving, eye-catching display! With a small footprint, this rack can fit into any corner of the house and multiple prints can fit into each holder making it a cinch to update the photos.









2. Woodsnap Art

woodsnap ugcPrinted on superior quality birch wood, each print is uniquely matched with the perfect wood canvas and printed with eco-friendly inks.
woodsnap 2
Select your size, add your photo, and spend the balance of your time finding just the right spot for your





3. Clipboard + Photo


We opted for a classic black clipboard, but the possibilities are endless! Choose a style that best fits your space and add your favorite snapshot. Wash, rinse, repeat.







4. Ultra-Thick Square Invitations + Pushpins + Corkboard

4 pics

Start with an invitation and select  the “square” shape and “Ultra-Thick” paper type:sizes

ultra thick

Add your Instagram photos directly from our Instagram integration tool:

add imageinstagram

Tip: Push the pins in at a slight downward angle to create a stand for the bottom of your image without having to put holes in the photo!


5. DIY Wood Block + Ultra – Thick Square Photo 

photo block

This one is a bit more involved than the first four, but is the perfect go-to for DIYers. (bonus: it involves power tools!)


– A wood block (we used a piece of scrap wood from the studio)

– A table saw

– A photo printed on Ultra-Thick invitation paper (use above step-by-step)


Measure the width of your photo and subtract a half inch off of the end:saw1









Score the entire width of the block *just* deep enough to support the bottom edge of the photo:

saw FullSizeRender

Leave a comment below with your favorite way to showcase your photos!

Happy snapping!

photo block

Photo Facts Source

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Introducing: The Hug Blanket.

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What gift does *everyone* love? A HUG!

Here’s a quick and easy #DIY (or #ZIY?) for creating a holiday gift that’s perfect for friends and family who live out of town:

1.Find a spot that has even lighting and a simple background. Snap a photo of your child with their arms outstretched, ready to give a hug. Just be sure to leave a bit of margin beyond their fingertips:


2. Select the blanket that your recipient will enjoy best and use the art view to adjust your image so that it falls within the red, dotted border:

art view

3.Click “Add to cart” and wait for the thank you snap from the overjoyed recipients!


Looking for some more hug inspiration? Check out our collection of huggable giftables:



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