phone cases

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It’s that time of the year again… no, not Christmas; it’s Apple’s new product announcement time! To get a new phone, or not to get a phone, that is the question. True story: When people get new phones, they also get new cases! Google Trends Search Term Graph: New iPhone vs iPhone Case Seriously, look […]

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Every case out there serves its own purpose. At Zazzle, we have brands for iPhone cases such as Case-Mate, Carved, OtterBox, LifeProof®, Uncommon, Incipio and more. While all the cases are 100% customizable, the look, feel, and purpose of each case varies. It’s important to do a comparison on how your lifestyle matches the case […]

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I love my wife, but boy is she clumsy. I recently upgraded my phone and gave her the old model to replace the cracked one she owned, along with a case to protect it. Of course, the first moment she took the case off she dropped the phone on the concrete, and the screen cracked. […]