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Saving on Cyber Monday

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How nice would it be to just relax in your pajamas with a nice mug of cocoa, your laptop open, and your fingers shopping? Wouldn’t that be #blessed? You can do just that with our Cyber Monday sale! Get ready to save up to 70% on select Zazzle products. Which ones? Well, I don’t want to spoil the whole surprise, but I guess I could give you a sneak peek for asking so nicely!

Tote bags

Beets don't kale my vibe - Cyber Monday sale

Beets Don’t Kale My Vibe Tote Bag

Great for carrying heavy books at school, transporting your laptop to-and-from work, or lugging around the groceries you just bought. Our tote bags are versatile! You can browse over a million designs or add a photo of your own.

Fleece blankets

Plaid Stag Fleece Blanket - Saving on Cyber Monday

Plaid Stag Fleece Blanket

When the weather outside is frightful, cuddling up with one of our fleece blankets is so delightful! Soft, warm, and available in 3 different sizes: small (30” x 40”), medium (50” x 60”), and large (60” x 80”), you’ll be able to find one for every room in your home! And while you’re at it, why not get some matching


Sparkling Christmas Tree Pillow - Saving on Cyber Monday

Sparkling Christmas Tree Pillow

What better way to upgrade your home décor than with matching pillows to go with your new fleece blankets? They are great for decorating your bed, futon, couch, or loveseat. Curl up with a good book, a hot mug of cocoa or coffee, and enjoy the comfort of your new pillows!

Wrapping paper

Santa Claus Wrapping Paper - Saving on Cyber Monday

Santa Claus Wrapping Paper

Christmas is coming up, and unless you just like handing out gift cards you’ll need wrapping paper for the gifts you’ve purchased. You can shop for fun designs from Disney, DC Comics, Outlander, and more great brands! Or create your own design with text and images.

Phone Cases

Snowman OtterBox Symmetry iPhone 7 Case - Saving on Cyber Monday

Snowman OtterBox Symmetry iPhone 7 Case

If you purchased a new phone, or plan on purchasing one, be sure to get a phone case to go along with it. We carry cases from wonderful brands like OtterBox, Case-Mate, Incipio, Uncommon, and more! Protect your phone, and give it a little personality, with a new phone case from Zazzle!

These are just a sample of the products on sale for Cyber Monday. Check back with us to see all of our product offerings.

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Black Friday Deals

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So, I’ve heard a rumor. Come closer and I’ll share it with you. I don’t want too many people to hear this. I could get in trouble for talking about it with you.

So, tomorrow is Black Friday…no, that’s not the rumor. The rumor is that Zazzle is offering a bunch of great Black Friday deals on our site. Now, I don’t know all the details, but suffice to say what I know is a bombshell. You can get up to 65% off select products. Holy cow!

Let me show you some of the products that you can save on tomorrow:

Business Cards

Marble & Stone Monogrammed Business Card - Black Friday Deals

Marble & Stone Monogrammed Business Card

The original social network, business card are a necessity for any professional. There have been plenty of times where I made a connection and was asked for a business card only to sadly reply, “I don’t have one on me.” If the same has happened to you, or you need some for your business, take advantage of this sale and create custom business cards.

Gift Tags

Red Winter Berry Christmas Gift Tag - Black Friday Deals

Red Winter Berry Christmas Gift Tag

Black Friday is a great time to get gifts for your family and friends. Make sure you remember which gift is for whom with some of our gift tags. It would be the height of embarrassment to give your mother-in-law the beard trimmer you got for your father-in-law!


RetroSpoofs Christmas Mug - Black Friday Deals

RetroSpoofs Christmas Mug

Sipping a piping hot cup of coffee can be a singular joy in the morning. The calm we seek before the day hits us can make or break the rest of our day, so up the ante with a customized mug! Add a photo of your family or an image from your last vacation. You can even choose one of the 4 million designs in our marketplace!


Black Friday Warrior T-shirt - Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Warrior T-shirt

It’s time to churn the bottom of your t-shirt drawer, get rid of the underperformers, and replenish your roster. Too many sports metaphors? Alright then, toss out shirts you no longer wear, want, or fit and get a whole new set right here! We have t-shirts from brands like Hanes, American Apparel, Champion, and more.

Be sure to shop Zazzle’s Black Friday deals, just don’t tell anyone I told you about them. It’ll be our little secret, right?

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