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Building your brand and finding new opportunities for growth is part of being a business owner. As a Zazzle Designer, you know the hustle from product creation and promotional efforts to marketplace optimizations. Today, we’d like to go over another way you can expand your customer reach without too much effort, by optimizing your products […]

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Even the most seasoned designers can fall victim to design faux pas. Whether you’re creating a design for a coffee mug, pillow or your own website, here are 5 common mistakes graphic designers make and how to avoid them. Forgetting to spell check. You may not be a copywriter, but as a designer, you’re responsible […]

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Spice up your blog or website with our fun and creative Associate Banners! They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and there are lots of different themes to choose from. Today, we’re sharing three quick tips for utilizing these banners for your promotional efforts.

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Fun fact: over 70 MILLION images are shared on Instagram daily. Given that staggering figure, how on Earth do you get your images noticed? 1. Great in-situ imagery. “In-situ” shots are taken to show the product “in situation” and help to tell the photo’s story. In the photo below, @evablack_ takes a quick, well-composed, nicely-lit snapshot […]