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Wedding Wednesday: The Wedding Party/ Entourage

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A wedding is the perfect way to gather your favorite folks together to celebrate this happy day. Your wedding entourage has guided you along in months of planning to prepare for the big day. Reward your wedding entourage with our top choices for bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts.

Bridesmaid Gifts

Your best girls help you to look your best on the big day. Getting ready will be a jiffy with these matching hair ties:


A long day is ahead. Personalize these cosmetic bags for your girlfriends to carry their makeup items to stay polished and perfect all day:


No makeup bag is complete without a mirror. These custom mirrors will be handy for the big day, and for many days to come:


Just because it’s your big day doesn’t mean your bridesmaids shouldn’t also feel stylish and spoiled! Check out these monogrammed bathrobes:

Monogrammed bathrobe - Wedding party gifts


Monogrammed bathrobe - Wedding party gifts

Groomsmen Gifts

Planning’s no easy feat. Whether your boys are trendy or traditional, we think they’ll appreciate this handy bottle opener. This one even fits in a credit card slot in a wallet!


Whether it’s for the bachelor party or for boys’ night out, your groomsmen will welcome poker chips and playing cards:

cards chips

Another great item that you can customize are our Zippo lighters. Add the names of the groomsmen, the date of the wedding, and a design of your choosing:

Groomsman Zippo lighter - Wedding party gifts

Cheers to having the best groomsmen in town! Your beer loving boys will love these monogrammed Pilsner glasses:


Whether it’s for the pre wedding parties, or the wedding day, we hope our choices for your bridesmaids and groomsmen have come in handy. Stay tuned for the next Wedding Wednesday for more of our tips and favorites!

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7 Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer

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I was extremely lucky when it came to hiring a photographer for my wedding. My wife’s cousin is a trained photographer so we paid her a nominal amount to take pictures for us. Not all of us are lucky enough to have a photographer in the family. If you are looking to secure the services of a wedding photographer we have some questions you should ask to help you pick the best one for your needs!

“What is your preferred style of photography?”

Your wedding should not be a matter of “Point-Click-Repeat.” There are a couple of different styles you should discuss with potential photographers to see how experienced they are in each.

  • Portraiture – A more traditional method of taking wedding photos. The photographer will pose the couple, their wedding party, and important friends and family in front of landmarks like the church/wedding venue, the alter, and as a big group. There is a little room for creativity, but this mostly about staging photos in a strictly traditional manner
  • Documentary – Less structured than portraiture, a documentary-style photographer will take pictures of real No one will be posed or looking directly at the camera. The photographer will walk around and capture people talking, laughing, eating, dancing, and enjoying the day. This way you have a portfolio of photos that illustrate the candid moments of your wedding and tell a story
  • Artistic – Photographers versed in this style tend to use film when shooting your wedding, not digital cameras. Wedding photos shot in this style may come out with a grainy, dreamy quality to them, with images in the foreground in sharp focus while everything in the background is blurry and hazy

“How many weddings have you photographed?”

When you are applying for a job every company wants to know how much experience you have in a particular industry. You should ask the same of your wedding photographer. Years are not a full measure of a wedding photographer: just because they have had a camera in their hands for 30+ years does not mean they’ve shot a lot of weddings. Be sure to get a full gauge of their wedding experience before you agree to hire them.

“May I see a portfolio of your work?”

You can get an idea of how a photographer works from speaking to them about their favorite style and their previous experience. The best way to get a true idea, though, is to actually see the work they’ve done over the course of their careers. Not only will you be able to gauge the quality of their work but you can also see potential examples of what you would like to see for your wedding album. Being able to point to concrete examples takes a lot of the guesswork out of the day for both you and the photographer.

“How many events is your studio working that weekend?”

If a potential studio has multiple bookings for a weekend you may not receive the attention you want for your wedding. Make sure that any photographer you plan to hire will be able to focus on your wedding, will show up on time, and will stay until their allotted time is up.

“If my event goes long will you stay? Will that be an extra charge?”

This question is a great follow up to the last one. Wedding days are fickle beasts. A slight hitch and your whole schedule can be ruined. Make sure that the photographer can stay overtime if necessary and if that will cause you to incur additional costs.

“Will an assistant photographer be coming along as well?”

The bigger the wedding the more moments there are to capture. A single photographer, no matter how talented, cannot be in multiple places at once. Be sure to inquire with each studio you speak to how many photographers they will be able to send along if you are having a large amount of guests attend your wedding.

“Do you have insurance?”

This is a really important question to ask for a number of reasons. Firstly, proof of insurance is important for any business to have to show they are professional. Secondly, it will protect the photographer in the event something happens to their equipment. Lastly, it also provides protection just in case someone at your wedding is injured by the photography equipment. This may seem like a long shot, but you wouldn’t want to take the chance and end up being liable for accidental injuries that happen when someone doesn’t see the huge camera in their face.

These questions should help you narrow down your list of potential photographers. You may have others that are more personal for your particular needs, so feel free to add them to this list. Good luck in your wedding photographer search!

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Top Wedding Related Invitation Designs: January through March

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Part of the fun of being a designer on Zazzle is allowing your creativity to shine, to make unique designs that capture a customer’s eye. The other fun part is following the latest trends and putting your spin on them.

Have you started creating wedding designs this year? If you need a little inspiration, or information on Zazzle trends, here are our top wedding related invitation designs from January through March.

Rustic Invitations

Rustic invitation designs are very popular on Zazzle. Jinaiji created a wedding invitation with lace, horseshoes, and beautiful wood background.

Rustic horseshoes and burlap wedding invitation - Wedding invitation designs

Rustic Horseshoes and Burlap Lace Wedding Invitation by Jinaiji

Mason jar lamps, hung against a wood panel background. How amazing is this design?

Rustic wood and lace bridal shower invitation - Wedding invitation designs

Rustic Wood and Lace Bridal Shower Card by CardHunter

Floral Invitation Designs

Whether they are a part of the centerpieces, or being held by the blushing bride, flowers and weddings go hand-in-hand. Zazzle designer LittleBayleigh created this simple, but elegant, design that customers love!

Floral glitter bridal shower invitation - Wedding invitation designs

Floral Glitter Bridal Shower Card by LittleBayleigh

Tantalizing reds, pinks, and greens peek out from behind the text of this lovely wedding invitation by Phrosne Ras Design.

Antique roses wedding invitation - Wedding invitation designs

Antique Roses Wedding Invitation by Phrosne Ras Design

Rustic Floral Invitations

Peanut butter and jelly. Cereal and milk. Chocolate and raisins. Some things just work well together. Why choose whether to create a rustic design or a floral design when you can make both!

Rustic roses bridal shower invitation - Wedding invitation designs

Rustic Roses Bridal Shower Invitation by NB Paper Co

Those were the most purchased wedding related designs from January through March on Zazzle. Feeling inspired? Then let your creativity soar!

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5 Great Hosting Sites for your Wedding Website

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In our last #weddingwednesday post we wrote about the type content you should include on your wedding website. What we didn’t discuss was where you should host your new website. If you’ve never built a website before you may not be familiar with hosting platforms. No worries! We’ve chosen 5 wedding website hosting sites that we think you’ll love.


Our top choice, Joy, is a free service that lets you build a wedding website. When you sign up you’ll get the following services:

  • Planning dashboard
  • Mobile app
  • Cover style gallery
  • Unlimited guest accounts
  • Unlimited photo storage

They also offer daily technical support incase something goes wrong with your site. Their support can be accessed through the app they provide or through email.


Our next option, Squarespace, has 6 templates to get you started creating your wedding website. The personal option will cost you $12 a month, and if you plan on purchasing your domain for at least a year they’ll give you a discount on the subscription price. With your Squarespace subscription you’ll get the following features:

  • A mobile-optimized website
  • Website analytics
  • SSL security
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Free custom domain name

You can also share photos from the journey to your big day and add a registry.


Third on our list is WeddingWoo. A subscription with them will run you $49 for one year, or $69 for two. In order to entice you WeddingWoo offers a free 7 day trial so you can see if you like their service and features, which include:

  • A dashboard
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Customer support
  • Preview editor
  • Unlimited bandwidth

The Knot

This may be a website you’ve heard of before. The Knot helps you prepare for your wedding day with ideas, advice, links to vendors, and products like wedding rings and dresses. You can almost find it all here, including a place to host your wedding website! You’ll get some cool features with your FREE subscription, including:

  • Over 100 mobile friendly designs
  • Personalized URLs
  • Registries
  • RSVP collection
  • Mobile app

Riley & Grey

The last website on our list, Riley & Grey is an expensive option, but you’ll get some features that are worth the expense. Included with your subscription are:

  • Modern design templates
  • Mobile-optimized experience
  • Online RSVP management system

Riley & Grey have also partnered with third-party suppliers who can create paper invitations, save the dates, and RSVP cards based on some of their design templates. You can match the theme on your wedding website to your paper suite for maximum effect. Their hosting platform also take into account the different cultures and traditions for wedding all over the globe, with features that allow you to design your wedding website for the UK, South America, Middle East, Asia, and the US. A subscription will cost you $35 a month, or $240 for a whole year.

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What Should I Include on my Wedding Website?

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In our last #weddingwednesday post we discussed the steps you should take to build your own wedding website. This time, we’ll talk about what you should add to your wedding website in order to make it useful for your guests. Here are the important pieces of wedding website content you should be sure to include!

Include the date, time, and location of your wedding

Yes, you included all of this information on your invitations, but what happens if one (or more) of your guests loses their invitation? What happens if a group of invitations gets lost in the mail? Wedding website to the rescue! It’s also easier to make updates on your wedding website than to create a whole new set of invitations in the case of a venue change.

Include information about hotels

How many out-of-town guests do you plan on inviting? Will they be staying with other invitees for your wedding? Provide your guests with a list of hotels that are located close to your wedding venue. If you’ve blocked off a group of room for guests with a local hotel you can provide that information here as well!

Wedding hotel accommodations card - Wedding website content

Hotel Accommodations Card by Redwood & Vine

Include contact information

Do you have a point-of-contact person to handle all of the questions about your wedding? Provide your guests with their contact information on your wedding website. This way you don’t have a bunch of people emailing/calling/texting you while you try and get ready for your special day.

Include information about your wedding party

Do all of your guests know every member of your wedding party? Let them in on some fun information by putting together a page that features a picture and a bio of each member of your wedding party. It’s a good way to “introduce” them before the proceedings.

Include information about where you are registered

Unless you want everyone to get you the same set of fine china to sit in your kitchen cabinets you’ll want to provide information about your wedding registry for your guests. This will keep the guesswork out of what to purchase as a gift and may help keep the number of duplicate gifts down to a minimum. You can also provide clickable links on the website so guests can go straight to the registry and take a peek.

Wedding registry card - Wedding website content

Wedding Registry Business Card by Graphic Suite

Include information about the dress code

Yes it’s a wedding, and yes they are usually formal affairs, but what if you are having a destination wedding in Hawaii? Do you want your guests standing on a hot beach in their fancy dress clothes? Probably not. Make sure they know the proper dress code so they can look and feel their best!

Include social media information

Sure you’ve hired a professional photographer for your wedding, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be able to capture all the fun, intimate moments that will happen. Create a unique hashtag for your wedding and let your guests know that any photos they take and publish to their accounts should use this hashtag. This way you can collect pictures that your photographers may miss.

Social media information poster - Wedding website content

Chalkboard Social Media Wedding Photo Poster by Kaleena Rae

Include information about the schedule for your wedding weekend

Wedding itinerary card - Wedding website content

Seashell Wedding Itinerary Card by Happy Go Times

Your wedding weekend is going to be filled with a bunch of fun activities. Make sure your guests know when and where these activities will happen by giving them an itinerary to follow. Include activities that everyone is invited to attend. It would be a shame to have a couple of your guests turn up to the rehearsal dinner for you to have to turn them away.

In our next #weddingwednesday post we’ll talk about some hosting platforms to use for your wedding website. See you then!

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5 Steps for Building your Wedding Website

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In the run up to your big day there are many things to think about. Save the dates, invitations, RSVP cards, and much more. One thing you may not have considered is building a wedding website. It’s a great way to share information, the story of your lives together before the wedding, and links to your registry. If you need a little help, here are 5 steps you should take when building a wedding website.

Step 1 – Research other wedding websites

Just like writing an essay in school, the first step is always research. You may think you have your perfect wedding website in mind, but poking around the Internet to see what other couples have added to their site may spark your creativity, or give you additional ideas for your site. Once you’ve launched your site you want to make as few alterations as possible in order to keep guests from becoming confused.

Step 2 – Choose a dedicated URL/domain name

URL stands for “Uniform Resource Locator,” but you may know it simply as the website address. The URL, or domain name, is what people type into their browsers when they want to visit their favorite site. For your wedding website URL make it simple. Here are a couple of examples you can follow:

  • jimandlauraswedding
  • jim-laura-wedding
  • mr-and-mrs-robinson-wedding
  • robinson-jacobs-wedding

Part of your domain name might be dictated by the hosting platform you choose, so take that into consideration as well. Some hosting platforms keep their name at the beginning of your URL (www.hostingplatform.com/jimandlauraswedding, for example).

Step 3 – Choose a hosting platform

A hosting platform is exactly what it sounds like: a place where your website will live. You have a couple of different options depending on your needs and how tech savvy you are. You can work with wedding-related sites that offer dedicated templates like:

Or you can build a wedding website from scratch using a hosting platform like:

Poke around to figure out which settings you need and the ease of use to make sure the hosting platform offers everything you need.

Step 4 – Choose a theme/colors

Your wedding website should mimic the theme and colors you’ve chosen for your wedding. It may seem like a small touch, but you’ll have many guests who want to know what your theme and colors are in order to match their outfit as closely as they can. Providing the theme beforehand also clues your guests into how they should be dressed for the occasion. Most weddings are very formal events, but sometimes people like to do some really different things with their special day. Perhaps you are a Star Wars fanatic and want a Rebel Alliance-themed wedding. Your website should show this off so your guests know to buy a Han Solo outfit to fit right in!

Step 5 – Proofread and launch your wedding website

You’ve done your research, you’ve chosen the URL and hosting platform, you’ve designed the website with your theme and colors in mind, and you’ve added your content. Now all you have left to do is proofread your wedding website and make it live for all your guests to see! Be sure to include the URL on your RSVP cards and/or invitations to direct your guests to the page.

In our next #weddingwednesday post we’ll talk about some of the best information and content to add to your wedding website!

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Zazzle’s Wedding Planning Pinterest Board

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Do you hear those wedding bells ringing? Are you in the process of planning your big day? Let Zazzle help you create a beautiful wedding! We’ve collected our favorite Zazzle products and coupled them with other cool ideas in our wedding planning Pinterest board. Within this board you will find ideas for themed suites, wedding bands, wedding binders, and checklists to use so that you can plan your nuptials down to the very last detail.

If you are looking for checklists we’ve collected a couple for you. Here is one to help you keep track of your budget:

Wedding budget - Wedding planning Pinterest board

And here’s one to help you figure out what to put on your wedding registry:

Registry checklist - Wedding planning Pinterest board

We’ve also added a to-do list to help you track your progress in planning your wedding day:

Wedding planner checklist - Wedding planning Pinterest board

We’re going to take a wild guess and assume this is your first wedding. Doing something for the first time can be overwhelming, including talking to your wedding venue. We’ve found a list of 23 questions you can ask your wedding venue to help make that encounter easier:

Wedding venue questions - Wedding planning Pinterest board

Weddings usually have some form of entertainment, whether it be a DJ, live band, or slideshow. If you are looking for ways to have your wedding stand out we’ve added a pin about 19 unusual forms of wedding entertainment:

Unusual wedding entertainment - Wedding Planning Pinterest Board

If you need a bit of help planning your wedding suite, or just want to scope out a few options, we’ve added a few choices to our board, like this:

Wedding suite - Wedding Planning Pinterest Board

The ideas are already starting to pop into your head, aren’t they? Well, head on over to our wedding planning Pinterest board and check out all of the great pins we’ve collected to help you get a jump start on your big day!

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Featured Wedding: Melissa & Carl

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“Their’s is a love that can keep them warm from the cold. And that day, it did. As the wind roared and the rain came down, they stood close and held each other tight. Not caring about the chill around them or the mist that hit their skin. Simply thinking about the promise they would make to each other later that day, and the memories that would be made in all the days to follow. Because in just a few hours, the rest of forever would officially begin . . . .” – Sarah & Ben Photography

We’re suckers for a beautiful love story and swoon over stunning wedding photography, so when we saw these images from Tampa based photography team, Sarah & Ben, we knew that we needed to make space to share them!

This team recently photographed the wedding of Melissa and Carl whose attention to detail struck the perfect balance of “simple” and “sparkle.”

© 2016 Sarah & Ben Photography
© 2016 Sarah & Ben Photography  |  Invitations by Plush Paper Design for Zazzle
sarahben dress
© 2016 Sarah & Ben Photography

Congratulations, Melissa and Carl, from all of us at Zazzle! To see more stunning images from their big day, visit Sarah & Ben Photography.

For more real-life wedding inspiration, take a peek at some images from our #Zazzle Gallery:

shop snap3 shop snap2shop snap1 shop snap 5

To submit your photos for feature consideration, tag @Zazzle on social or email social@zazzle.com.

All images in this post are the property of the photographer and are not to be used without express permission.


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